Staff Selections: Week 3

Former Utah State quarterback Riley Jensen joins us as the expert picker for week 3

Swinney and Dan had a fantastic week of picks last week. Dan is starting to show why he was able to fund his entire college education solely with gambling funds (okay not really).

Andrew and Tom were a bit behind again with Gorringe getting the better of the two. He rebounded from his poor week 1 performance with a better follow-up set of picks.

Rojack fared much better than Kyle Goon and tied Swinney and Dan for the most correct. He correctly guessed the Washington State over USC upset and finished with a 12-2 record and brought our experts up to a total record of 20-8.

Here are last week's results:
Swinney: 12-2
Olson: 12-2
Karren: 10-4
Gorringe: 11-3
Expert Picker: 12-2

Here are the standings after week 2:
Swinney: 23-5
Olson: 23-5
Karren: 20-8
Gorringe: 20-8
Expert Picker: 20-8

This week's expert picker is a guy who knows a thing or two about football in this state. He played quarterback for three in-state schools (Snow College, BYU, and Utah State) and is currently a regular co-host over on 1280TheZone with Scotty G. You can find Riley on Twitter HERE, go give the man a follow and check him out on the radio throughout the week. His college football knowledge and insight is fantastic.

Here are the picks for week 3:

#24 TCU (1-1) at Texas Tech (Thurs)
Gorringe – Texas Tech
Karren – Texas Tech
Olson – TCU
Swinney – Texas Tech
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - TCU

#16 UCLA (1-0) at #23 Nebraska (2-0)
Gorringe – Nebraska
Karren – Nebraska
Olson – UCLA
Swinney – UCLA
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - UCLA. Hundley is too good.

#5 Stanford (1-0) at Army (1-1)
Gorringe – Stanford
Karren – Stanford
Olson – Stanford
Swinney – Stanford
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Stanford by a bunch.

Fresno State (1-0) at Colorado (2-0)
Gorringe – Fresno State
Karren – Fresno State
Olson – Fresno State
Swinney – Fresno State
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Fresno State

Boston College (2-0) at USC (1-1)
Gorringe – Boston College
Karren – USC
Olson – USC
Swinney – USC
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - USC

Tennessee (2-0) at #2 Oregon (2-0)
Gorringe – Oregon
Karren – Oregon
Olson – Oregon
Swinney – Oregon
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Oregon

#19 Washington (1-0) at Illinois (2-0)
Gorringe – Washington
Karren – Washington
Olson – Washington
Swinney – Washington
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Washington

Southern Utah (2-0) at Washington State (1-1)
Gorringe – Washington State
Karren – Washington State
Olson – Washington State
Swinney – Washington State
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Washington State

#4 Ohio State (2-0) at Cal (1-1)
Gorringe – Ohio State
Karren – Ohio State
Olson – Ohio State
Swinney – Ohio State
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Ohio State

#20 Wisconsin (2-0) at Arizona State (1-0)
Gorringe – Wisconsin
Karren – Wisconsin
Olson – Arizona State
Swinney – Wisconsin
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Arizona State. ASU is sneaky good.

UT San Antonio (1-1) at Arizona (2-0)
Gorringe – Arizona
Karren – Arizona
Olson – Arizona
Swinney – Arizona
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Arizona

#7 Louisville (2-0) at Kentucky (1-1)
Gorringe – Louisville
Karren – Louisville
Olson – Louisville
Swinney – Louisville
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Louisville

#1 Alabama (1-0) at #6 Texas A&M (2-0)
Gorringe – Alabama
Karren – Alabama
Olson – Alabama
Swinney – Alabama
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Alabama

Weber State (1-1) at Utah State (1-1)
Gorringe – Utah State
Karren – Utah State
Olson – Utah State
Swinney – Utah State
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - Utah State

Oregon State (1-1) at Utah (2-0)
Gorringe – Utah 37 Oregon State 20
Karren – Utah 34 Oregon State 21
Olson – Utah 33 Oregon State 27
Swinney – Utah 38 Oregon State 34
Expert Picker: Riley Jensen - I don't see any reason that Travis Wilson won't continue to play well against a bad defense. Brandin Cooks is really tough to cover and Sean Mannion is really good, but Mannion doesn't move like Chuckie Keeton, and I think the Utes can get some stops on this OSU offense. There will be nervous moments, but I think Utah wins 42-31. What a difference an offensive coordinator makes, right?

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