Weekly Staff Picks

Three weeks are in the books and two pickers are starting to separate themselves

Swinney had another fine week of picks going and lapping the rest of us while Andrew once again brought up the rear. Nobody picked the Utah game correctly so we'll see how we fare this week. Also, the Fresno State and Colorado were rained/flooded out so that game will be thrown out. We're starting to get into Pac-12 play which means fewer games to pick and a smaller chance at making up ground.

This week is rivalry week, so look below to find out who we think wins on Saturday along with our score predictions.

Here are last week's results:
Swinney: 12-2
Olson: 12-2
Karren: 11-3
Gorringe: 10-4
Expert Picker: 12-2

Here are the standings after week 3:
Swinney: 35-7
Olson: 35-7
Expert Picker: 32-10
Karren: 31-11
Gorringe: 30-12

This week's expert picker is Brandon Gurney from the Deseret News. He's followed the Cougars for a long time and knows the team as well as anybody in the market. Find his articles over at DesNews.com and follow him on Twitter HERE

Here are the picks for week 4:

#3 Clemson (2-0) at NC State (2-0) (Thurs)
Gorringe – Clemson
Karren – Clemson
Olson – Clemson
Swinney – Clemson
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - Clemson

Boise State (2-1) at Fresno State (2-0) (FRI)
Gorringe – Fresno State
Karren – Fresno State
Olson – Boise State
Swinney – Fresno State
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - Fresno State

Idaho State (2-0) at #17 Washington (2-0)
Gorringe – Washington
Karren – Washington
Olson – Washington
Swinney – Washington
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - Washington

Utah State (2-1) at USC (2-1)
Gorringe – USC
Karren – Utah State
Olson – USC
Swinney – USC
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - USC

#23 Arizona State (2-0) at #5 Stanford (2-0)
Gorringe – Arizona State
Karren – Stanford
Olson – Stanford
Swinney – Stanford
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - Stanford

Oregon State (2-1) at San Diego State (0-2)
Gorringe – Oregon State
Karren – Oregon State
Olson – Oregon State
Swinney – Oregon State
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - Oregon State

New Mexico State (0-3) at #13 UCLA (2-0)
Gorringe – UCLA
Karren – UCLA
Olson – UCLA
Swinney – UCLA
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - UCLA

Idaho (0-3) at Washington State (2-1)
Gorringe – Washington State
Karren – Washington State
Olson – Washington State
Swinney – Washington State
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - Washington State

Auburn (3-0) at #6 LSU (3-0)
Gorringe – LSU
Karren – LSU
Olson – LSU
Swinney – LSU
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - LSU

Michigan State (3-0) at #22 Notre Dame (2-1)
Gorringe – Notre Dame
Karren – Michigan State
Olson – Notre Dame
Swinney – Notre Dame
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - Michigan State

Utah (2-1) at BYU (1-1)
Gorringe – Utah 34 BYU 27
Karren – Utah 35 BYU 17
Olson – Utah 31 BYU 30
Swinney – Utah 24 BYU 20
Expert Picker: Brandon Gurney - BYU 24 Utah 20. Two weeks to prepare for the game will pay off for the Cougars, who have to control their emotions and limit turnovers. If BYU can win, or at least draw even in the turnover margin, it should win the game.

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