Staff Selections: Week 6

The season rolls along and so do our picks. This week Brandon Huffman joins us as our expert picker.

Swinney is starting to pull away, can anybody catch him?

Brian nearly posted his second straight perfect week (Oklahoma State losing at West Virginia caught us all off guard). He leads all pickers and is building steam as the Pac-12 heads into the heart of conference play.
Gorringe had a pretty good week going 11-1. He passed the expert picker and has moved into third place overall.
Here are last week's results:
Swinney: 11-1
Olson: 9-3
Karren: 9-3
Gorringe: 11-1
Expert Picker - Mike Grant: 9-3

Here are the standings after week 5:
Swinney: 57-8
Olson: 54-11
Gorringe: 51-14
Expert Picker: 50-15
Karren: 49-16

This week's picks:

BYU (2-2) at Utah State (3-2) (FRIDAY)
Swinney: Utah State
Olson: Utah State
Karren: Utah State
Gorringe: Utah State
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: BYU

Washington State (3-2) at Cal (1-3)
Swinney: Washington State
Olson: Cal
Karren: Cal
Gorringe: Cal
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: Washington State

#2 Oregon (4-0) at Colorado (2-1)
Swinney: Oregon
Olson: Oregon
Karren: Oregon
Gorringe: Oregon
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: Oregon

#22 Arizona State (3-1) vs Notre Dame (3-2) (Arlington, TX)
Swinney: Notre Dame
Olson: Arizona State
Karren: Arizona State
Gorringe: Notre Dame
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: Notre Dame

#15 Washington (4-0) at #5 Stanford (4-0)
Swinney: Stanford
Olson: Stanford
Karren: Stanford
Gorringe: Stanford
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: Stanford

#4 Ohio State (5-0) at #16 Northwestern (4-0)
Swinney: Northwestern
Olson: Ohio State
Karren: Ohio State
Gorringe: Ohio State
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: Ohio State

#25 Maryland (4-0) at #8 Florida State (4-0) Swinney: Florida State
Olson: Florida State
Karren: Florida State
Gorringe: Florida State
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: Florida State

Georgia Tech (3-1) at #14 Miami (4-0)
Swinney: Miami
Olson: Miami
Karren: Miami
Gorringe: Miami
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: Miami

#24 Ole Miss (3-1) at Auburn (3-1)
Swinney: Ole Miss
Olson: Ole Miss
Karren: Auburn
Gorringe: Ole Miss
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: Auburn

#12 UCLA (4-0) at Utah (3-1) (THURS)
Swinney: UCLA 41 Utah 27
Olson: UCLA 38 Utah 31
Karren: Utah 31 UCLA 30
Gorringe: Utah 34 Utah 31
Expert Picker - Brandon Huffman: UCLA 31 Utah 27
Utah will have the crowd wired for the nationally televised game and the state has given UCLA fits over the years, with Rice-Eccles Stadium a house of horrors for the Bruins. But a new staff, a high-powered offense and the experience in playing in front of a hostile environment in Nebraska, a school who wears red but did a blackout of their own, won't be as big an obstacle to overcome. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if this game turns out a lot like the Oregon State-Utah game did, with the last team to have the ball winning.

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