Staff Selections: Week 8's Jason Scheer joins us as our expert picker this week. Find out who he thinks will win Saturday's big Ute/Wildcat matchup.

This week's expert picker is Jason Scheer, the leader in all-things Arizona for Jason leads up and knows this 'Zona football team inside and out. For up-to-the-minute insider information on Saturday's game follow Jason on Twitter HERE.

Here are last week's results:
Swinney: 10-2
Olson: 10-2
Karren: 9-3
Gorringe: 9-3
Expert Picker – David Lombardi: 10-2

Here are the standings after week 7:
Swinney: 74-13
Olson: 70-17
Expert Picker: 70-17
Gorringe: 66-21
Karren: 64-23

This week's picks:

Charleston Southern (7-0) at Colorado (2-3)
Swinney: Colorado
Olson: Colorado
Karren: Colorado
Gorringe: Colorado
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Colorado

#9 UCLA (5-0) at #13 Stanford (5-1)
Swinney: UCLA
Olson: Stanford
Karren: UCLA
Gorringe: Stanford
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Stanford

#20 Washington (4-2) at Arizona State (4-2)
Swinney: Washington
Olson: Washington
Karren: Arizona State
Gorringe: Washington
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Washington

USC (4-2) at Notre Dame (4-2)
Swinney: Notre Dame
Olson: Notre Dame
Karren: USC
Gorringe: Notre Dame
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: USC

Washington State (4-3) at #2 Oregon (6-0)
Swinney: Oregon
Olson: Oregon
Karren: Oregon
Gorringe: Oregon
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Oregon

Oregon State (5-1) at Cal (1-5)
Swinney: Oregon State
Olson: Oregon State
Karren: Oregon State
Gorringe: Oregon State
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Oregon State

#5 Florida State (5-0) at #3 Clemson (6-0)
Swinney: Clemson
Olson: Florida State
Karren: Clemson
Gorringe: Florida State
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Clemson

#24 Auburn (5-1) at #7 Texas A&M (5-1)
Swinney: Texas A&M
Olson: Texas A&M
Karren: Texas A&M
Gorringe: Texas A&M
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Texas A&M

#22 Florida (4-2) at #14 Missouri (6-0)
Swinney: Florida
Olson: Missouri
Karren: Missouri
Gorringe: Florida
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Florida

Utah State (3-4) at New Mexico (2-4)
Swinney: Utah State
Olson: Utah State
Karren: Utah State
Gorringe: Utah State
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Utah State

BYU (4-2) at Houston (5-0)
Swinney: BYU
Olson: BYU
Karren: BYU
Gorringe: Houston
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: BYU

Utah (4-2) at Arizona (3-2)
Swinney: Utah 41 Arizona 35
Olson: Utah 35 Arizona 34
Karren: Utah 34 Arizona 27
Gorringe: Utah 38 Arizona 23
Expert Picker – Jason Scheer: Arizona 27 Utah 24

"This game is extremely tough to pick. I am a full believer in the let-down game and think this is what it will be for the Utes. Add that into playing at Arizona on family weekend and it being the first [true] road game for the Utes and I think Arizona has a legitimate shot here. I don't believe the [Wildcat] defense can play as bad as it did against USC and a late stop helps Arizona to victory."

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