Staff Selections: Week 10

Newest site contributor James Cella jumps into the ring this week. Can he hang with the rest?

Things are beginning to tighten up a bit after Swinney slipped with his worst week of picks to date. Dan Olson is starting to show why he has a personal bookie on speed dial while Tom begins to make a late push to get out of the cellar.

Everyone welcome our newest contributor James "Ute Central" Cella to the weekly picks - let's see how he stacks up from here on out.

Here are last week's results:
Swinney: 5-5
Olson: 7-3
Karren: 7-3
Gorringe: 5-5

Here are the standings after week 9:
Olson: 86-23
Swinney: 85-24
Gorringe: 78-31
Karren: 78-31

This week's picks:

Arizona State (5-2) at Washington State (4-4) (THURS)
Swinney: Arizona State
Olson: Arizona State
Karren: Arizona State
Gorringe: Arizona State
James "UteCentral" Cella: Arizona State

USC (5-3) at Oregon State (6-2) (FRI)
Swinney: Oregon State
Olson: Oregon State
Karren: Oregon State
Gorringe: Oregon State
James "UteCentral" Cella: Oregon State

Arizona (5-2) at Cal (1-7)
Swinney: Arizona
Olson: Arizona
Karren: Arizona
Gorringe: Arizona
James "UteCentral" Cella: Arizona

Colorado (3-4) at #20 UCLA (5-2)
Swinney: UCLA
Olson: UCLA
Karren: UCLA
Gorringe: UCLA
James "UteCentral" Cella: UCLA

#7 Miami (7-0) at #3 Florida State (7-0)
Swinney: Florida State
Olson: Florida State
Karren: Florida State
Gorringe: Florida State
James "UteCentral" Cella: Florida State

#18 Oklahoma State (6-1) at #15 Texas Tech (7-1)
Swinney: Oklahoma State
Olson: Oklahoma State
Karren: Texas Tech
Gorringe: Texas Tech
James "UteCentral" Cella: Texas Tech

#21 Michigan (6-1) at #22 Michigan State (7-1)
Swinney: Michigan State
Olson: Michigan State
Karren: Michigan State
Gorringe: Michigan State
James "UteCentral" Cella: Michigan State

#24 Wisconsin (5-2) at Iowa (5-3)
Swinney: Wisconsin
Olson: Wisconsin
Karren: Iowa
Gorringe: Wisconsin
James "UteCentral" Cella: Wisconsin

Boise State (5-3) at Colorado State (4-4)
Swinney: Boise State
Olson: Boise State
Karren: Colorado State
Gorringe: Boise State
James "UteCentral" Cella: Colorado State

Hawaii (0-7) at Utah State (4-4)
Swinney: Utah State
Olson: Utah State
Karren: Utah State
Gorringe: Utah State
James "UteCentral" Cella: Utah State

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