Staff Selections: Week 11

With just four weeks to play each week is increasingly important when it comes to picks...

Dan Olson remains atop the pick rankings for another week. He and Swinney both went 9-1 last week and extended their leads on the rest of the pack.

Here are last week's results:
Swinney: 9-1
Olson: 9-1
Karren: 6-4
Gorringe: 8-2
Cella: 7-3

Here are the standings after week 10:
Olson: 95-24
Swinney: 94-25
Gorringe: 86-33
Karren: 84-35

This week's picks:

#3 Oregon (8-0) at #5 Stanford (7-1) (THURS)
Swinney: Oregon
Olson: Oregon
Karren: Oregon
Gorringe: Oregon
Cella: Oregon

USC (6-3) at Cal (1-8)
Swinney: USC
Olson: USC
Karren: USC
Gorringe: USC
Cella: USC

Colorado (3-5) at Washington (5-3)
Swinney: Washington
Olson: Washington
Karren: Washington
Gorringe: Washington
Cella: Washington

#19 UCLA (6-2) at Arizona (6-2)
Swinney: UCLA
Olson: UCLA
Karren: Arizona
Gorringe: UCLA
Cella: UCLA

#10 Oklahoma (7-1) at #6 Baylor (7-0)
Swinney: Baylor
Olson: Baylor
Karren: Baylor
Gorringe: Baylor
Cella: Oklahoma

#13 LSU (7-2) at #1 Alabama (8-0)
Swinney: Alabama
Olson: Alabama
Karren: Alabama
Gorringe: Alabama
Cella: Alabama

Virginia Tech (6-3) at #11 Miami (7-1)
Swinney: Miami
Olson: Miami
Karren: Miami
Gorringe: Miami
Cella: Miami

Houston (7-1) at #21 UCF (6-1)
Swinney: UCF
Olson: UCF
Karren: UCF
Gorringe: UCF
Cella: Houston

BYU (6-2) at #24 Wisconsin (6-2)
Swinney: Wisconsin
Olson: Wisconsin
Karren: Wisconsin
Gorringe: Wisconsin
Cella: Wisconsin

Utah State (5-4) at UNLV (5-4)
Swinney: Utah State
Olson: Utah State
Karren: UNLV
Gorringe: Utah State
Cella: UNLV

#22 Arizona State (6-2) at Utah (4-4)
Swinney: Arizona State 30 Utah 24
Olson: Arizona State 41 Utah 24
Karren: Arizona State 44 Utah 20
Gorringe: Arizona State 34 Utah 17
Cella: Arizona State 35 Utah 21

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