Staff Selections: Week 12

We're closing in on the finish line. See who we pick for this weekend's big games.

Here are last week's results:
Swinney: 9-2
Olson: 9-2
Karren: 7-4
Gorringe: 9-2
Cella: 6-5

Here are the standings after week 11:
Olson: 104-26
Swinney: 103-27
Gorringe: 95-35
Karren: 91-39

This week's picks:

Washington (6-3) at #13 UCLA (7-2) (FRI)
Swinney: UCLA
Olson: UCLA
Karren: UCLA
Gorringe: Washington
Cella: UCLA

Washington State (4-5) at Arizona (6-3)
Swinney: Arizona
Olson: Arizona
Karren: Arizona
Gorringe: Arizona
Cella: Arizona

Cal (1-8) at Colorado (3-6)
Swinney: Cal
Olson: Colorado
Karren: Colorado
Gorringe: Colorado
Cella: Colorado

#4 Stanford (8-1) at USC (7-3)
Swinney: USC
Olson: Stanford
Karren: Stanford
Gorringe: Stanford
Cella: Stanford

Oregon State (6-3) at #19 Arizona State (7-2)
Swinney: Arizona State
Olson: Arizona State
Karren: Arizona State
Gorringe: Arizona State
Cella: Oregon State

Ball State (9-1) at #15 Northern Illinois (9-0)
Swinney: NIU
Olson: NIU
Karren: NIU
Gorringe: Ball State
Cella: NIU

Texas Tech (7-3) at #5 Baylor (8-0)
Swinney: Baylor
Olson: Baylor
Karren: Baylor
Gorringe: Baylor
Cella: Baylor

#25 Georgia (6-3) at #7 Auburn (9-1)
Swinney: Georgia
Olson: Auburn
Karren: Auburn
Gorringe: Auburn
Cella: Auburn

#12 Oklahoma State (8-1) at #24 Texas (7-2)
Swinney: Oklahoma State
Olson: Oklahoma State
Karren: Oklahoma State
Gorringe: Oklahoma State
Cella: Oklahoma State

#16 Michigan State (8-1) at Nebraska (7-2)
Swinney: Michigan State
Olson: Michigan State
Karren: Michigan State
Gorringe: Michigan State
Cella: Michigan State

Houston (7-2) at #20 Louisville (8-1)
Swinney: Louisville
Olson: Louisville
Karren: Louisville
Gorringe: Louisville
Cella: Louisville

#23 Miami (7-2) at Duke (7-2)
Swinney: Duke
Olson: Miami
Karren: Duke
Gorringe: Miami
Cella: Miami

Utah (4-5) at #6 Oregon (8-1)
Swinney: Oregon 52 Utah 17
Olson: Oregon 41 Utah 20
Karren: Oregon 44 Utah 20
Gorringe: Oregon 34 Utah 13
Cella: Oregon 45 Utah 17

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