Positions Grades: Utah at Oregon

The grades for the Utes are pretty much average across the board in the loss to Oregon

Quarterback: C
Adam Schulz played about the way we expected him too in his first career start on the road at Oregon. Noting spectacular. Nothing terrible. Made a few mistakes in going 13 of 30 for 181 yards, a touchdown and a pick, but didn't lose the game for Utah. Made a beautiful throw on a 3rd down to keep a drive alive early in the game. Might be the best throw by a Utah QB this season.

Running Back: D+
Without York, the running game was fairly average totaling 116 yards on 42 carries. Both Radley and Poole were ok, but neither was able to break off anything of substance with the longest run going for 10 yards. The lack of big plays hurt and allowed Oregon to rarely put more than 6 or 7 in the box.

Wide Receiver and Tight End: D
It's good to have Jake Murphy back and he did his part with catches and a touchdown, but where was everyone else? A couple of drops by Dres and Fitz killed drives and pretty much everyone else was non-existant. Hatfield had the Utes biggest play of the day and may have earned more time after showing that he can be a big play guy.

Offensive Line: C+
Much better this week in pass protection, but that's pretty easy to do when the other team only rushes 3 for most of the game. Once they started bringing pressure, Utah struggled. Still, it's an improvement over the past few weeks. The run game didn't get much push and a few penalties ended up hurting some drives.

Defensive Line: B
Trevor Reilly was a stud again, and needs to be getting a serious look at the Pac 12 Defensive Player of the Year award. 1.5 sacks and 5 tackles, along with being a constant menace. The tackles played well for a half, but were owned by Oregon's line in the second half.

Linebacker: C+
Jason Whittingham was good again, getting pressure and diverting a lot of running plays to the outside for others to make the tackle. Jacoby Hale did a solid job in run support and rushing the passer, but was exposed in pass protection again. Not having Norris out there hurt a little.

Cornerback: B
The cornerbacks were good on Saturday. Marcus Mariota was just better. Things went south in the second half when the line stopped getting pressure. Keith McGill was very good again and Justin Thomas and Davion Orphey did a great job early in the game with their physicality. Reggie Porter got a lot of run, but looked outclassed. Tough for corners to run with the speed that Oregon has and QB that rarely misses.

Safety: C-
Michael Walker was directly responsible for the Ducks' touchdown to their wide open tight end when he missed an assignment and doubled on a running back in the flat. The 57 yarder to Addison in the second quarter that setup a touchdown was on Rowe for taking a bad angle and being out of position. Oregon didn't test the safeties much over the top, but small breakdowns gave Mariota windows to hit his receivers. Special Teams: F
Allowed a kickoff return for TD following a touchdown. Charles Henderson inexplicably dove to catch a ball on a kickoff. Hackett was not at his best. Bad all around game for the special teams.

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