Final Staff Selections: Week 14

The finish line is in sight - who will take the crown as master picker?

Here we are - the final week of the regular season and the final week of our staff picks. This week is the "grand daddy of them all" as Keith Jackson would say, the final chance for all staff members to sprint to the finish line and take the title of master picker.

So who will it be? Will Brian, who held the lead for most of the season, overtake Dan? Will Dan hold off Brian and the rest? Will Tom make a major charge and shock the world?

This week's slate includes 20 games - 20 chances to separate the men from the boys; 20 chances to win, 20 chances to lose. Everyone has a chance, so who will take the crown?

Here are last week's results:
Swinney: 7-5
Olson: 8-4
Karren: 7-5
Gorringe: 7-5
Cella: 8-4

Here are the standings after week 11:
Olson: 112-30
Swinney: 110-32
Gorringe: 102-40
Karren: 98-44

This week's picks:

Washington State (6-5) at Washington (7-4) (FRI)
Swinney: Washington
Olson: Washington
Karren: Washington
Gorringe: Washington
Cella: Washington

Oregon State (6-5) at #13 Oregon (9-2) (FRI)
Swinney: Oregon
Olson: Oregon
Karren: Oregon
Gorringe: Oregon
Cella: Oregon

#25 Notre Dame (8-3) at #8 Stanford (9-2)
Swinney: Stanford
Olson: Stanford
Karren: Stanford
Gorringe: Stanford
Cella: Stanford

#23 UCLA (8-3) at #22 USC (9-3)
Swinney: UCLA
Olson: USC
Karren: USC
Gorringe: USC
Cella: UCLA

Arizona (7-4) at #12 Arizona State (9-2)
Swinney: Arizona State
Olson: Arizona State
Karren: Arizona State
Gorringe: Arizona State
Cella: Arizona State

#1 Alabama (11-0) at #4 Auburn (10-1)
Swinney: Alabama
Olson: Alabama
Karren: Auburn
Gorringe: Alabama
Cella: Alabama

#3 Ohio State (11-0) at Michigan (7-4)
Swinney: Ohio State
Olson: Ohio State
Karren: Michigan
Gorringe: Ohio State
Cella: Ohio State

#21 Texas A&M (8-3) at #5 Missouri (10-1)
Swinney: Missouri
Olson: Missouri
Karren: Missouri
Gorringe: Texas A&M
Cella: Missouri

#6 Clemson (10-1) at #10 South Carolina (9-2)
Swinney: Clemson
Olson: Clemson
Karren: South Carolina
Gorringe: Clemson
Cella: South Carolina

Minnesota (8-3) at #11 Michigan State (10-1)
Swinney: Michigan State
Olson: Michigan State
Karren: Michigan State
Gorringe: Michigan State
Cella: Michigan State

Georgia (7-4) at Georgia Tech (7-4)
Swinney: Georgia
Olson: Georgia
Karren: Georgia
Gorringe: Georgia
Cella: Georgia

Texas Tech (7-4) at Texas (7-3)
Swinney: Texas
Olson: Texas
Karren: Texas
Gorringe: Texas
Cella: Texas Tech

East Carolina (9-2) at Marshall (8-3)
Swinney: ECU
Olson: ECU
Karren: Marshall
Gorringe: ECU
Cella: Marshall

Bowling Green (8-3) at Buffalo (8-3)
Swinney: Buffalo
Olson: Bowling Green
Karren: Buffalo
Gorringe: Buffalo
Cella: Bowling Green

#24 Duke (9-2) at North Carolina (6-5)
Swinney: Duke
Olson: Duke
Karren: Duke
Gorringe: Duke
Cella: Duke

Arkansas State (7-4) at Western Kentucky (7-4)
Swinney: WKU
Olson: WKU
Karren: Arkansas State
Gorringe: WKU
Cella: WKU

Idaho (1-10) at New Mexico State (1-10)
Swinney: New Mexico State
Olson: New Mexico State
Karren: New Mexico State
Gorringe: Idaho
Cella: New Mexico State

Wyoming (5-6) at Utah State (7-4)
Swinney: Utah State
Olson: Utah State
Karren: Utah State
Gorringe: Utah State
Cella: Utah State

BYU (7-4) at Nevada (4-7)
Swinney: Nevada
Olson: BYU
Karren: BYU
Gorringe: BYU
Cella: Nevada

Colorado (4-7) at Utah (4-7)
Swinney: Utah 41 Colorado 17
Olson: Utah 35 Colorado 21
Karren: Utah 31 Colorado 24
Gorringe: Utah 34 Colorado 14
Cella: Utah 28 Colorado 17

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