2013 Position Review: Safeties

The weakest link on the defense in 2013 is a major concern in 2014

Utah had less than stellar play from the safety spot in 2013. The cupboard was pretty bare when Tevin Carter was unable to qualify academically, leaving Utah scrambling up to the final days of call camp.

Eric Rowe held down the free safety job for the third straight year, but like 2012, didn't have the same success as the previous season. Maybe the bar was set a little too high after a freshman all american campaign in 2011, but Rowe has failed to develop much since then, with the dropped interceptions turning into a running joke at this point. There's a good chance he'll make a move to cornerback next season.

Utah got solid play out of Michael Walker in 2013. Was it Pac 12 level play? No, but considering that Walker wasn't very high on the depth chart before 2013, his performance was admirable. The long lasting image of Walker though, will be the ball sliding through his hands in overtime against Oregon State, and into the hands of a Beaver receiver in the end zone.

Utah needs depth and playmakers going forward, neither of which they had in 2013. Blechen going back to the safety spot brings playmaking ability and experience, but not Pac 12 speed. Tevin Carter will instantly be the most dynamic safety on the team, but hasn't played football for a year. After that, Utah looks to have a bunch of Mountain West quality players as backups. If an injury occurs, 2014 may not be much better than 2013.

Beginning Season Depth Chart
Eric Rowe (Jr)
Darchon Taggart (R-So)

Michael Walker (Sr)
Tyron Morris-Edwards (Jr)

End of Season Depth Chart
Taggart or

Walker (Sr)
Charles Henderson (So)

Early Spring Depth Chart Projections
Tevin Carter (R-Jr)
Taggart (Jr)

Brian Blechen (R-Sr)
Henderson (Jr)

Way Too Early Fall Depth Chart Projections
Carter (R-Jr)
Henderson (Jr)

Blechen (R-Sr)
Clarence Smith (R-Fr)

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