2015 Position Analysis & Recruiting Needs: QB

We look at Utah's 2015 quarterback group and needs for the 2015 recruiting class

Projected 2015 Quarterbacks (by class)
Adam Schulz (Sr)
Jason Thompson (Jr)
Chase Hansen (R-Fr)
Brandon Cox (So)
Micah Thomas (So)
Conner Manning (So)
Donovan Isom (R-Fr or So)

That's seven scholarship quarterbacks right there. SEVEN. Throw in the (very) slim possibility of Travis Wilson coming back and the good chance at Kendall Thompson coming in, and the Utes hit nine. Make that ten if they bring in a 2015 quarterback. That's six more than you need and five more than you want.

Now, Jason Thompson is almost certainly headed to safety. Micah Thomas is in the same boat. Travis Wilson's situation is up in the air, but Utah has to move on as if he'll never play again. That likely knocks three off the books and adds depth at safety. What happens with Chase Hansen could also open up a spot. Hansen will get his shot at quarterback, but if spring ball in 2012 is any indication, he'll be moving positions as well, to either safety or linebacker. Utah is loaded at quarterback in terms of depth. They just don't have 'the guy' yet.

So what do we have? A logjam. When there's a logjam, especially at quarterback, someone leaves. Who it will be is anybody's guess, but after this spring and fall, and definitely after the 2014 season, somebody will be looking to move on to a place where they can play.

On to 2015, where it is a ridiculous year for quarterbacks, especially in the West. There are more high quality quarterbacks in California for 2015 than maybe 2012-2014 COMBINED. Guys like Jake Browning, Brady White, or Sam Darnold would instantly be able to compete with anyone else on the roster. It serves Utah's best interest to take a signal caller in this loaded class. Quarterback isn't at the top of the list for the Utes in 2015, but they'd still like to nab an elite prospect if they can. With the current depth on the roster, don't be surprised if they pass altogether if one of their top targets doesn't jump on board.

Utah Should Take: 1 QB
Utah Will Take: 1 QB

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