Mid Camp Reports: Biggest Disappointment

Who had high expectations, but just isn't cutting it so far this spring?

Andrew Gorridge: Offensive Tackles
The left tackle spot is a huge question mark at this point, and at this point no player has really separated themselves at this point. Combine that with the fact that both tackle spots have been beaten off the edge a number of times, and that's something to be worried about.

Brian Swinney: Offensive Line
The offensive line isn't any better than they were last season at this point. It's a retooled line, so bumps in the road had to be expected, but they can't pass-block for beans right now. Huge strides must be made in the next few weeks.

Doug Kimmel: Lucky Radley, Seni Fauonuku, Joseph Bryant and Wykie Freeman

Lucky Radley- Utah has a full stable of good running backs and Lucky is going to have a very difficult time finding playing time this fall. #44 has been in the program a long time and has failed to establish himself as someone that demands the rock.

Seni Fauonuku- Seni cannot stay away from the pit. With a lot of unknowns at defensive tackle, Seni should be out there leading the younger guys, but is currently MIA. It seems like Seni has reached his ceiling which is not anything more than a rotational tackle.

Joseph Bryant/Wykie Freeman- Every year there is an internal buzz that JB and Wykie may breakout... we are all still waiting for that day.

Jayson Jones: Offensive Line/Offense
The offensive line and the offense have gone cold for long spurts. Last half of Thursday's practice (3/27) was awful. They looked good for the first half, then went MIA for the second half. It was like a bad flashback to last year.

RoJack: Punt return game.
Every year Ute fans anticipate something being done to address the drops or inexcusable attempts at returning a kick inside their own 5 or diving attempts at a catch. And so far we've seen all of the above. #NoMoreDroppedPuntsOrKickoffsToo

James Cella: Connor Manning and Brandon Cox:
Yes I'm a terrible person for suggesting these two, but hear me out.

First off, I'm a fan of these two guys and like what they bring to the program. Setting that aside, there are some serious concerns. First, with Wilson figuratively limping into the spring camp with little to no workouts since being sidelined against Oregon, both Manning and Cox came into spring with a huge opportunity to seize the moment and move themselves into the discussion as either the top QB or back up to the starter. Through two weeks of camp, that hasn't happen.

Have they been terrible? Absolutely not. We've seen good plays from both of them at times, but it's safe to say that they haven't been "wowing" the decision makers to the point a change at the top two positions are warranted. We do see some separation between Manning and Cox with Cox getting the short end of the stick, but they haven't been tearing it up out there to the point that Wilson or Schulz are being pushed out of their one-two positions.

You might say it's not fair to ask so much of two redshirt freshman quarterbacks, but they are only one year younger than Wilson and have had just as much time to learn Dave Christensen's new system like any other quarterback on the team. The kicker for Manning and Cox is that two new quarterback additions are right around the corner with Kendal Thompson and Donovan Isom joining the team in the fall. If neither of these guys can make up ground on Schulz or Wilson, they might find themselves on the outside looking in this fall.

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