Utes In The NFL Draft - Vyncent Jones Preview

The NFL Draft is six days away and I will be previewing the top seven Utah Utes members that are chasing the #UtesInTheNFL dream. Curious about their career highlights, stats, measurements, and predictions on where they will play on Sundays? You're in the right spot. Second on the list is Vyncent Jones.

Vyncent Jones

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 305 lbs

    Utah Football Career and Highlights
  • Games: 32
  • Starts at C: 12
  • Starts at OG: 9?(7 at LG, 2 at RG)
  • Total Starts: 21
  • Total Plays: 1452*
    *Two career games weren't graded or recorded for snaps.

    I've heard coaches and scouts rave about how smart Vyncent Jones is, and rightfully so. He was referred to as the QB of the offensive line the last few years, and playing all interior spots bode well for his future because of his versatility. I don't think there is one game that sticks out as a big blemish for Vyncent: a testament to his consistency last year. I do remember him playing very well against Stanford, Utah State and BYU, specifically, but he was incredibly consistent throughout the season overall. The highlight video below brings back good memories of VJ holding his own against the best the Pac-12 had to offer.

    According to UtahUtes.com Vyncent Jones allowed only one sack in 2013. A stellar, stellar performance. His highlight video from 2012-13. Enjoy.

    Bold Prediction
    There is no chance that Vyncent Jones gets drafted, but a best case, bold prediction for him could unfold like this: teams know he won't be drafted, but a handful of teams have him on speed dial so once the draft ends they can bring him in to compete for a practice squad spot. The handful of teams with need at G/C are Browns, Vikings, Jets, Rams and Patriots. .

    My guess for where Vyncent Jones ends up is a complete guess based on need and going with my gut. I do legitimately believe VJ can be a contributor on a practice squad and ultimately end up on a roster someday. Tevita Stevens had a similar career (more starts, similar height and weight) while at Utah and is now helping the Redskins. Sam Brenner should've been drafted, got a shot in Miami because if injury and now will be a starter in the league. Give Vyncent a couple of years and you may see something similar. I think the Patriots pick him up and sign him to a 3-day contact as an UFA to get a feel for his services and ultimately keep him on the practice squad. He'd fit in well with Sealver Siliga and Reggie Dunn in New England.

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