Incoming Player Projections: Kenric Young

What to expect from incoming wide receiver Kenric Young for the 2014 season

The last of the "Florida Five" to join the Utes this season is wide receiver Kenric Young out of Gainesville High School. At 6'2-180lbs, Kenric has good size, and a good frame to add more weight, but his best attribute is without a doubt his speed. I feel like I'm repeating myself with all of these Florida athletes, but there's a reason why the Utah coaching staff is digging so deep in to Florida. There is so much untapped talent and speed in the Sunshine State that it would be ridiculous for coaching staffs around the country to not try and pull 2-3 recruits out of there each year. Back to Young. Did I mention his speed? Oh yeah, Kenric Young has absolutely blazing speed, and he showed it this spring during track season. Kenric posted a 21.05 time in the 200m dash, at the prelims of the Florida State track meet this spring, and went on to take second in the finals. He would later follow that up by running a personal best 20.81 a couple weeks later. Even though he didn't win, he displayed that he was one of the best sprinters in a state that is full of speed. Kenric had 20+ scholarship offers to choose from, but ultimately decided to commit to Utah, over schools like Maryland, Iowa State, Minnesota, Missouri, UCF and many others.

As you saw in the video, Kenric used his speed to just run by defenders in high school, as he was simply just faster than everyone else, and although he does have outstanding speed, speed alone won't make him successful at the college level. The biggest thing that Young will have to work on is his releases and route running. Gainesville High School was a run heavy offense, and so when the ball was thrown to Young, it was mostly on a fly route, where he took an outside release and just ran around the defender. That won't cut it in the PAC 12. He'll have to learn how to use his hands and feet in order to get inside and outside releases. The secondaries in the PAC 12 are fast and physical, and speed alone won't win battles against them. The best wide receiver in the PAC 12 last year was without a doubt, Brandin Cooks and Ute fans all know how fast he is. It wasn't just his speed that made Cooks great though. He was superb route runner, and was great at getting separation from the defender. That is something that most freshman receivers, including Young, will have to learn.

Prediction: Kenric Young will show up on campus as one of the fastest Utes on the team, but as mentioned above, his technique as a receiver just isn't quite at the level that is necessary to contribute as a true freshman. We fully expect Young to redshirt during the 2014 season.

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