Tuifua Makes It Official

2017 prospect Langi Tuifua commits to Utah officially

It's been a wild couple of weeks for South Jordan (UT) Bingham defensive end prospect Langi Tuifua. The 2017 prospect's dad committed to Utah for him following a Utah camp, but Langi himself wasn't ready to make the pledge. On Tuesday, he was ready.

UteSportsReport caught up with Tuifua's father for thoughts on the commitment.

"We sat down and discussed it as a family and decided that this was the best thing for everyone. He's always had interest in Utah and always wanted to play there. His brother is at the U and his sister is headed to Westminster, which is just down the street from Utah. Langi wants to study entertainment arts and video game development and Utah has the top program in the country."

Despite being so young, the elder Tuifua is confident that his son will keep working hard on and off the field.

"He's a really focused kid, always doing his homework right when he gets hom and gets good grades. I don't have to do much to keep him on track. When he wants something, he's locked in on it. I don't anticipate him losing any focus with the early commitment."

The opportunity to play at home was a big draw in the commitment.

"Being able to play in front of friends and family is important. As a family, we've grown up loving Utah. It's amazing for me as a father that he's going to be able to get that opportunity."

At about 6-1, 205 pounds now, the sophomore to be should be able to add a few more inches and some good weight before ending up at Utah.

"By the time he graduates, we think he'll be around 6-3 o4 6-4 and about 240 pounds."

With early enrollment being all the rage, Tuifua could be on the same path, and then choose a new path shortly after.

"The plan is to possibly enroll early, but we'll see how that goes. Then maybe serve a mission after a year, but that's still unknown as to whether or not he'll do that."

Almost 3 years to go until signing day 2017 means other schools are going to try to get involved, but Tuifua is locked in, per his father.

"We haven't really discussed what the plan is with the rest of the recruitment. It's really early, but he's a Ute."

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