Utah at UCLA- Staff Picks

The USR Staff Take their Shots at the Match-Up Between the Utes and Bruins

James Cella- Football Analyst
UCLA is coming off a crushing road victory over ASU while Utah is licking its wounds after an all out collapse against WSU. Not exactly the matchup Utah is looking for to get their confidence back. Utah's offensive line is a mess particularly in pass protection which lends to Wilson's happy feet and lack of patience in the passing game. Utah's defense is too banged to keep the Bruins in check in the second half and eventually their bends turn into breaks. Utah keeps it close in the first half but UCLA pulls away for the victory.
UCLA 35 Utah 21

Andrew Gorringe-
Utah has a big statement to make this weekend, and it has little to do with the actual outcome of the game. UCLA is a far more talented and better coached team, but Utah has the ability to compete and even possibly win the game, although I don't think that's likely. Utah needs to come out on Saturday and show that they weren't effected by the Wazzu loss. They can do that by executing and being agressive. They're not expected to win, but if they can make it a game and keep things close, I think a lot of people will feel better about their chances going on the road to Oregon State two weeks later.
UCLA 34 Utah 23

Robert Jackson-
Travis Wilson and the Utah offense find their rhythm on the national stage at No. 8 UCLA. Will the theme of the Utes playing up or down to their opponent continue? With an improved offensive performance, the defense isn’t relied upon as much to carry the team. Having Tevin Carter back on defense will be huge.
Utah 31 UCLA 27

Jayson Jones- Football Analyst
It's hard to say this week is a defining week for the Utes, because every week this season has been and will be defining for them. UCLA finally got in the groove we all expected them to be in from day one, and if you're Utah it couldn't have come at a worse time. Washington State's defensive line was very good last week against Utah's offensive line and UCLA matches that up front, but has a considerably better secondary than the Cougars: not a great combo for a struggling offense that has put up 14 points in the last 120 minutes of football. I expect the Utah D to play better and keep the pressure on all game, which should keep it respectable, but it won't be enough playing on the road against a top-10 team on a mission.
UCLA 37 Utah 21

Tom Karren-Editor
I'm too ill to do anything other than make a prediction.
UCLA 34 Utah 17

Doug Kimmel- Mountain Region Recruiting Analyst-
I'm still not on the UCLA train. They are talented, but that offensive line is far from solid and I am not sold on the skill guys on offense. Hundley is special. That defense is special. But that offense could struggle against the Utes. With that being said, it's a road game for Utah and they will be feeling pretty crummy after that loss. Booker will have to run tough against a great linebacking group. Travis could throw a few picks if he is pressured and I think the defense will bend, bend, bend, and eventually break (similarly like last Saturday).
UCLA 31 Utah 20

Brian Swinney- Publisher
Utah isn't as bad as they showed in the last 3 quarters against Wazzu. UCLA isn't as good as they showed in the middle two quarters against Arizona State. But, both are pretty close to what they showed and that's a scary thought for Utah. UCLA has a distinct talent and depth advantage, and the arguably the best quarterback in the country in Brett Hundley. Utah will be more efficient on offense, but the defense is going to be worn out as UCLA runs them all over the field. It's not going to be a blowout as Utah doesn't get blow out too often, but the Bruins will assert themselves in the second half and start pulling away late in the third for a win that isn't as close as the final score would indicate.
UCLA 38 Utah 27

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