Weekly Pac 12 Staff Selections

A couple of big games in the Pac 12 that will create separation

Last Week
Cella- 5-7
Gorringe- 4-8
Jones- 5-7
Karren- 4-8
Kimmel- 5-7
Rojack- 5-7
Swinney- 7-5

Season To Date
Cella- 56-22
Gorringe- 57-21
Jones- 56-22
Karren- 54-24
Kimmel- 56-22
Rojack- 55-23
Swinney- 56-22

Washington State at Stanford
Cella- Stanford
Gorringe- Stanford
Jones- Stanford
Karren- Stanford
Kimmel- Stanford
Rojack- Stanford
Swinney- Stanford

Oregon at UCLA
Cella- UCLA
Gorringe- Oregon
Jones- UCLA
Karren- Oregon
Kimmel- UCLA
Rojack- Oregon
Swinney- UCLA

USC at Arizona
Cella- USC
Gorringe- USC
Jones- USC
Karren- USC
Kimmel- USC
Rojack- Arizona
Swinney- USC

Washington at Cal
Cella- Cal
Gorringe- Washington
Jones- Washington
Karren- Washington
Kimmel- Washington
Rojack- Washington
Swinney- Washington

Auburn at Mississippi State
Cella- Mississippi State
Gorringe- Mississippi State
Jones- Auburn
Karren- Auburn
Kimmel- Auburn
Rojack- Auburn
Swinney- Auburn

Ole Miss at Texas A&M
Cella- Texas A&M
Gorringe- Texas A&M
Jones- Ole Miss
Karren- Texas A&M
Kimmel- Texas A&M
Rojack- Texas A&M
Swinney- Texas A&M

TCU at Baylor
Cella- Baylor
Gorringe- Baylor
Jones- Baylor
Karren- Baylor
Kimmel- Baylor
Rojack- Baylor
Swinney- Baylor

Texas vs Oklahoma
Cella- Oklahoma
Gorringe- Oklahoma
Jones- Oklahoma
Karren- Oklahoma
Kimmel- Oklahoma
Rojack- Oklahoma
Swinney- Oklahoma

Georgia at Missouri
Cella- Georgia
Gorringe- Georgia
Jones- Georgia
Karren- Georgia
Kimmel- Georgia
Rojack- Missouri
Swinney- Missouri

Duke at Georgia Tech
Cella- Duke
Gorringe- Georgia Tech
Jones- Georgia Tech
Karren- Georgia Tech
Kimmel- Georgia Tech
Rojack- Georgia Tech
Swinney- Duke

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