Staff Predictions: Utah vs Oregon

The USR Staff Take their Shots at the Match-Up Between the Utes and Ducks

James Cella- Football Analyst
In Oregon's previous five losses (over a four year stretch), they have been held to 28 points or less. If the Utes are going to pull off the upset, they have to keep the score within 10 and generate turnovers needed to frustrate the Duck's offense. The Duck squad is primed for a Sack-Fest with injuries on the offensive live, so Dimick and Orchard should have a big night. Ah Hell, I'm calling for the upset! Kendal Thompson and Travis Wilson will unlock the secrets of the throw game for a whopping 225 yards.
Utah 35 Oregon 28

Andrew Gorringe- Football Analyst
I really like Utah's defense, but not enough to think that they'll keep an Oregon offense featuring the best QB in college football, within striking distance 9f an average at best Utah offense. I do think Utah's pass game will be much more successful this week, but a lot of that will be due to Utah being forced to throw the ball, as Oregon is bound to take a double digit lead at some point in this game. If Utah wants to win, it will take career performances by the entire defense as well as Devontae Booker, and I just don't think they have that in them at this point.
Oregon 38 Utah 24

Robert Jackson- Managing Editor
Utah has overachieved and surpassed even the most lofty preseason expectations. Utah's defense has played phenomenal all season long, carrying Utah to its 6-2 record and wins over UCLA, USC and inches away from winning at Arizona State. I think Utah's defensive effort keeps this one close, might even be tied going into the 4th, but there is a reason why people are saying Marcus Mariota is the best player in college football this season. Heisman or not, Ducks outlast the Utes in a highly entertaining game.
Oregon 37 Utah 27

Jayson Jones- Football Analyst
Utah's lack of creativity in the passing game has been a big, big problem and should it rear its ugly head this Saturday, this game could get ugly and out of hand fast. I said when Dres went out it wouldn't be a huge loss for the Utes, not because of Dres' ability or skill, but because Utah didn't take shots down the field anyway (it's a shame using one of your most skilled offensive weapons isn't more of a problem). And low and behold, that was true last Saturday night, unfortunately. This game will come down to the Utah's offensive play calling and secondary. Open up the playbook and take some shots, bend but don't break and give up huge plays to Mariota and Co. and Utah has a chance to hang in this thing long enough to make it interesting.
Oregon 35 Utah 23

Tom Karren- Editor
I don't care how good the defense and special teams units are, without a decent passing attack a football team's ceiling can only be so high. That's the problem Utah Football faces right now. Whether it stems from playcalling, from the quarterback position, from injuries, or a combination of three, it doesn't matter. What matters is Utah has a serious problem that needs to be addressed in a hurry or they could be in for a long and serious fall. Teams know now that the key to stopping Utah is easy: contain Devontae Booker.
Oregon 37 Utah 20

Doug Kimmel- Mountain Region Recruiting Analyst
Playing with house money here (can you tell I'm in Vegas?)... Utah doesn't have much to lose, few if any truly believe the Utes stand a chance. Haven't people learned not to do that? Trick plays, an abusive front seven for the Utes, and a horse of a running back named Devontae Booker? Give me the Utes. Game ball to KT & the front 7 for Utah.
Utah 30 Oregon 28

Brian Swinney- Publisher
I like Utah to come out with a new mindset on offense, firing away through the air and posting an early touchdown from Wilson to Patrick. They'll keep it close for a half, really putting a scare into the Ducks before Mariota and the Oregon O finds their groove and starts moving the ball at will against a gassed Utah defense. It will be closer than the final score indicates, but not enough offense and a worn out defense won't have enough.
Oregon 31 Utah 17

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