Watch: Utah's Clay scores TD...Almost

Utah receiver Kaelin Clay lost his mind on Saturday against Oregon - here's the video.

It seems like we see this play at least once a year. Usually it’s just DeSean Jackson (again), but this time it comes from Kaelin Clay out of Utah. Saturday against Oregon, Clay caught a 78-yard pass, only to drop the ball on the one yard line in his celebration.

At first, even Oregon didn’t understand what Clay had done, letting the ball lie on the turf for several seconds before anyone realized the clock was still running and the referees hadn’t blown the play dead. Eventually, there was a scramble for the ball when Erick Dargan tried to return the fumble, only to fumble it himself into the hands of his teammate Joe Walker, who picked up a handful of blockers while most of the Utah players were still celebrating.

Check out the video:

Do you remember the most famous scene in Forrest Gump, when Forrest commits to Bear Bryant’s Alabama team to be a kick returner for the Crimson Tide? Okay, maybe that’s not the most well-known scene, but it’s one of the best and well-worth watching here.

Just hold onto the ball. Run through the tunnel if you have to, just hold onto the ball.

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