Utah vs Arizona: Staff Predictions

The staff makes their picks for the matchup between the Utes and Wildcats

James Cella- Scalley Jersey Wearer
Picking a Utah game in the Pac-12 is pretty simple these days and boils down to just one thing: Will Utah make ONE more play than the other team? If yes, Utah wins. I vote YES.
Utah 27 Arizona 24

Andrew Gorridge- Food Eater
It’s Senior Day for Utah, and I expect a couple of those seniors to have big games. A healthy dose of Nate Orchard, Kaelin Clay and Westlee Tonga will be the winning recipe for Utah on Saturday. The biggest question mark coming in to this game will be how the defense performs without Gionni Paul. Jason Fanaika has played very well at LB, and expect to see Jason Whittingham and Jacoby Hale play snaps at LB as well, though they may be limited reps due to their prior injuries. Arizona QB Anu Soloman is an extremely poised QB for a redshirt freshman, but he’s been mistake prone over the past few weeks, and has also been dealing with an ankle injury. The key matchup to watch will be Scooby Wright versus J.J. Dielman and CJ Poutasi, and I think both of them have the ability to hold the talented pass rusher in check. Utah gets their first “comfortable” PAC 12 win of the season.
Utah 27 Arizona 17

Robert Jackson- Nice Guy
Devontae Booker asserts himself as the premier back in the Pac 12 with a solid performance against the Wildcats, who, luckily, no longer have Kadeem Carey
Utah 34 Arizona 28

Jayson Jones- SEC Honk
I have to believe Utah will find a way to win on Saturday. It's Senior Day, Ute Proud and ESPN is in town, sounds like a great recipe to get a W. The two big question marks for Utah will be their ability to score and what does the defense look like sans Gionni Paul. The Ute's have struggled to put points on the board in perfect weather conditions, so what is going to happen in rain/snow and frigid temperatures? Utah's defense changed considerably (for the better) when Paul came on the field earlier this year, and hopefully losing him in the middle isn't a giant blow to the defense. Despite those unknowns, I still see Utah coming out on top. No Ka'Deem? No problem. Game balls to Nate Orchard and Devontae Booker.
Utah 27 Arizona 13

Tom Karen- Hospital Patient
My will to live has been broken by Dave Christensen's offense, but I'm a believer in miracles. Wilson and Booker put together big games and the Utes give me a reason to live, at least for another week.
Utah 55 Arizona 7

Doug Kimmel- Mountain Region Recruiting Analyst
Sack Lake City will be in full effect. It will be cold and ugly outside and that favors Utah. Booker and Wilson will run for a combined 250 yards, while Orchard, Dimick, and Norris continue to make plays in the backfield.
Utah 38 Arizona 17

Brian Swinney- Head of Operations for Project Badass
Another game between teams with comparable talent. The Gionni Paul injury is tough to overcome, but Utah will find a way, again, in the snow and knock off the Wildcats in a close one.
Utah 31 Arizona 24

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