Pac 12 Staff Selections

The USR staff take their shots at the big games in the Pac 12 and around the country

Last Week
Cella- 6-4
Gorringe- 7-3
Jones- 6-4
Karren- 6-4
Kimmel- 6-4
Rojack- 7-3
Swinney- 7-3

Season To Date
Gorringe- 106-42
Jones- 105-43
Cella- 104-44
Rojack- 104-44
Swinney- 101-47
Karren- 99-49
Kimmel- 95-53

Stanford at UCLA
Cella- UCLA
Gorringe- UCLA
Jones- UCLA
Karren- UCLA
Kimmel- UCLA
Rojack- UCLA
Swinney- UCLA

Arizona State at Arizona
Cella- Arizona
Gorringe- Arizona State
Jones- Arizona State
Karren- Arizona
Kimmel- Arizona State
Rojack- Arizona
Swinney- Arizona

Oregon at Oregon State
Cella- Oregon
Gorringe- Oregon
Jones- Oregon
Karren- Oregon
Kimmel- Oregon
Rojack- Oregon
Swinney- Oregon

USC vs Notre Dame
Cella- USC
Gorringe- USC
Jones- USC
Karren- USC
Kimmel- USC
Rojack- USC
Swinney- USC

Cal vs BYU
Cella- Cal
Gorringe- Cal
Jones- Cal
Karren- Cal
Kimmel- Cal
Rojack- Cal
Swinney- Cal

Washington at Washington State
Cella- Washington
Gorringe- Washington
Jones- Washington
Karren- Washington
Kimmel- Washington
Rojack- Washington State
Swinney- Washington

Auburn at Alabama
Cella- Alabama
Gorringe- Alabama
Jones- Alabama
Karren- Alabama
Kimmel- Alabama
Rojack- Alabama
Swinney- Alabama

Mississippi State at Ole Miss
Cella- Mississippi State
Gorringe- Ole Miss
Jones- Mississippi State
Karren- Mississippi State
Kimmel- Mississippi
Rojack- Mississippi State
Swinney- Ole Miss

Arkansas at Missouri
Cella- Arkansas
Gorringe- Arkansas
Jones- Arkansas
Karren- Missouri
Kimmel- Arkansas
Rojack- Arkansas
Swinney- Missouri

Georgia Tech at Georgia
Cella- Georgia
Gorringe- Georgia
Jones- Georgia
Karren- Georgia
Kimmel- Georgia
Rojack- Georgia
Swinney- Georgia

Minnesota at Wisconsin
Cella- Wisconsin
Gorringe- Wisconsin
Jones- Wisconsin
Karren- Wisconsin
Kimmel- Wisconsin
Rojack- Wisconsin
Swinney- Wisconsin

South Carolina at Clemson
Cella- South Carolina
Gorringe- Clemson
Jones- Clemson
Karren- Clemson
Kimmel- South Carolina
Rojack- South Carolina
Swinney- Clemson

Nebraska at Iowa
Cella- Nebraska
Gorringe- Nebraska
Jones- Nebraska
Karren- Iowa
Kimmel- Nebraska
Rojack- Nebraska
Swinney- Iowa

Florida at Florida State
Cella- Florida
Gorringe- Florida State
Jones- Florida
Karren- Florida State
Kimmel- Florida
Rojack- Florida State
Swinney- Florida

Michigan at Ohio State
Cella- Ohio State
Gorringe- Ohio State
Jones- Ohio State
Karren- Ohio State
Kimmel- Ohio State
Rojack- Ohio State
Swinney- Ohio State

TCU at Texas
Cella- TCU
Gorringe- TCU
Jones- Texas
Karren- Texas
Kimmel- Texas
Rojack- Texas
Swinney- Texas

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