Weekend Visit Primer

A look at the visitors coming to Salt Lake City this weekend

Official Visitors

Utah has been targeting Covey since the summer when he picked up an offer. The versatile athlete put up huge numbers at the quarterback spot in high school, but will likely end up playing receiver or corner at the next level. He's down to the three in-state schools and it looks like a toss-up right now.If Covey does commit to Utah, it will help with his good friend Gabe Reid. He is a sign-and-send.

Grant has been committed to Utah for close to a year and has never wavered in the least from that commitment. He's a solid prospect that will need some time to develop, but can be a contributor in a few years.

Johnston jumped on a Utah offer and continues the pipeline from Bingham High School. Despite offers from a ton of schools, he's never considered going anywhere other than Utah. Will serve a mission and then take over for Andy Phillips upon his graduation.

Reid is the mystical unicorn of the group. A highly productive player at the high school level, he's got quite a few offers and looks like a Stanford lean at this time. Visiting with Covey could help the Utes if the two decide that they want to play together at the next level, but he's a longshot to end up in Salt Lake City at this time.

Unofficial Visitors

Barton will take an unofficial, that will essentially act as an official visit. He's committed to Utah and will play with his brother. A possible sign-and-send, but nothing definitive.

Fabrizio is in the same boat as Barton with his unofficial-official visit and as a sign-and-send.

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