2015 Depth Chart Projections: Quarterback

What does the QB depth chart look like for 2015? We take a stab at it

The Candidates
Travis Wilson (Sr)
Kendal Thompson (Sr)
Donovan Isom (R-Fr)
Conner Manning (R-So)
Chase Hansen (R-Fr)
Brandon Cox (R-So)
Jason Thompson (R-Jr or R-Sr. I can't figure it out)

The Favorite
Travis Wilson
If there's one thing we've learned about Kyle Whittingham, he'll go with people he trusts and he's familiar with, whether that's with players or coaches. Wilson fits the bill. He's been your starter (off and on) since October of 2012. Now that Dave Christensen is gone, Wilson will a much bigger opportunity to flourish. He wasn't Dave's guy, and it was apparent that the former OC wanted Kendal Thompson in there. Now his OC is going to be Aaron Roderick, a guy he's very comfortable with. Travis is at his best when he's comfortable, confident, and doesn't have to think too much. No more curmudgeonly Christensen. Roderick knows how to handle Wilson from a mental standpoint, and without anyone else interfering, the senior could have the season in 2015 that we all expected in 2014. The competition may be called wide-open, but Wilson gives Utah the best chance chance to duplicate the success of 2014. Sobering? No. Should be exciting, because the potential is still there, and that could take Utah to even greater heights.

The Darkhorse
Chase Hansen
Thought I was going to go with Donovan Isom, didn't you? Nope. Chase Hansen has returned from his mission and will immediately be thrown into the fire. Whittingham has a great personal relationship with Hansen and his family, something that bodes well for the prospect that some fans believe will eventually end up on defense. You can't take away what Hansen did at the high school level, along with the athletic ability he possesses. He has a Taysom Hill (Jayson Jones' favorite player ever) type of build and game, and maybe that's what Utah needs going forward. How long it takes to get the rust off from the mission is probably the biggest question. Could be your starter coming out of spring ball. Could have already made a position change. No other QB brings more unknowns, and that makes him the darkest of horses.

The Remaining Contenders
Kendall Thompson won't participate in spring ball after this season ending injury, but he didn't last year either and was still able to come in, compete in the fall, and eventually grab the starting nod at different times last season. Will be interesting to see how he recovers, although all indications are that he's ahead of schedule. If the speed and mobility isn't the same as 2014, he'll have a tough time winning the battle, as that's what set him apart from the others.

Donovan Isom was the man on the scout team, and some think he could be the future, but there's too much unknown right now. With great size, accuracy, above average arm-strength, and decent mobility, the redshirt freshman will get a strong look, but it'll be hard for him to overtake a returning senior who has started for 3 years.

Brandon Cox and Conner Manning. Cox has the higher ceiling and Manning is the safer option, but will either still be at Utah by the opener against Michigan? Could they both be gone? Waiting game for now, but neither, even if they're still around, figures to be a realistic option for 2015 based on what we saw in 2014.

Jason Thompson grabbed some reps in the bowl game, but he's destined for the safety position at some point.

2015 Season Opening Projected QB Depth Chart
Travis Wilson
Kendall Thompson
Brandon Cox or
Chase Hansen or
Donovan Isom or
Conner Manning

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