In State Battle Brewing for Out of State TE

Two schools from the state of Utah stand on top for San Clemente TE Cole Fotheringham

The football programs at both Utah and BYU are certainly no strangers when it comes to meeting and battling for prospects on the recruiting trail, as they routinely find themselves as the top two schools on many prospects' "top" lists. The bulk of these battles though usually take place with prospects that already reside in the beehive state, and the two schools don't usually meet each other on the "recruiting battlegrounds" for players outside the state of Utah. There's always an exception to the rule though, and San Clemente tight end Cole Fotheringham is that exception this year.

Residing in San Clemente, California, where most residents live within walking distance of the beach, Fotheringham attends San Clemente HS, which has turned into quite the factory of division one football players. Utah has been able to get it's hand in the proverbial cookie jar down at San Clemente, as senior QB Travis Wilson attended high school there, and 2016 offensive line commit Tucker Scott is also a San Clemente Triton. Next in line to become a Ute could be Fotheringham. "My recruitment is going really good. I currently have offers from Utah, BYU, Boise State, Utah State and Nevada," said the three star tight end prospect. "The recruiting process is getting a little bit overwhelming at this point, but it's not too bad. I haven't actually been talking to too many schools lately, it's mainly just been some 'hello' and 'goodbye' to some schools that are passing through." Fotheringham claims that he's being recruited hardest by all the schools that have offered him, and says he's trying to keep all his options open, but that didn't stop him from naming two schools that may be standing out more than the others at this point. "If I had to pick a school right now, it would probably be Utah or BYU."

Ute fans who have paid attention to their recruiting efforts over the years know that a certain Ute coach has handled all the recruiting at San Clemente HS, and that's no different this time around. "Coach Roderick is the coach that has been recruiting me from Utah. I really like him and he's always been really cool." Fotheringham says that his relationship with Roderick and the other coaches is a big reason why he's so interested in the Utes. "I really like the coaching staff, and the players on the team seem really cool. I got a real good feel for them at one of their practices, and the Utes also offered me first, so it shows how much they believed in me." Fotheringham was able to make a trip out to Utah during the off season, where he visited both Utah and BYU, and says that both teams are recruiting him strictly as a tight end. With both schools being seemingly on equal grounds at the moment, Utah may have an ace up their sleeve that could help push them over the top, Tucker Scott, 2016 Ute commit and teammate of Fotheringham. "It would be cool to play with Tucker at the next level, but I have to do what's best for me at the end of the day."

When it comes to the factors in Fotheringham's decision, he's not looking at the depth chart, which schools have the "cooler" uniforms, or even the new COA stipend's that they're offering. It's all about his comfortability with the program as a whole. "I think almost all schools have a lot of pros and cons, so it's just where I feel most comfortable and fit in." Fotheringham says he'd like to make a decision before the start of his senior season, but says that if he's not 100% sure on where he wants to go, he'll delay things a bit until he knows for sure.

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