Auwae Will be an Early Enrollee

3 star OG/C Toleafoa "Sean" Auwae is looking to narrow things down, in order to enroll early in 2016

With 14 offers in hand, 3 star OG/C Toleafoa Auwae, or Sean as he mostly goes by, is one of the most sought after high school recruits residing on the island of Hawaii. He possesses great strength, quickness and football IQ that any school would look for in a potential center, but he also would make an elite guard at the next level.

Last week, Auwae took to twitter to announce that he will be enrolling early at his eventual school of choice, so he will be moving up his deadlines of when he wants to narrow down his list, and also decide where he will take his official visits. He spoke with about that decision, and when we could expect to see him announcing a top list of schools.

"The recruiting process has been both enjoyable, but stressful at the same time. Now that I have decided to be an early enrollee, I really have to start to think and do some research about who my top list will be, and what visits I'll take. Other than that, the process has been very enjoyable." One of the things that can often get to recruits and make the recruiting process over bearing is the amount of attention and hype that can come from the media and fans, mostly via social media, but Auwae has enjoyed that aspect the most. "I'd say the most enjoyable thing about this is getting a lot of attention. Media and socially wise. Like, Twitter blows up a lot when you get an offer and fan bases are just crazy with edits and everything, so it's very fun."

Having gone through a lot of enjoyable aspects of recruiting already, Auwae must start making some tough decision regarding his top list, but already knows some schools that will make that list. "Right now I'm thinking about releasing a Top 8 or 10, which will be done in about a month or two. I know for sure that Texas Tech, Louisville, Oregon State, BYU and Utah will make that list though." After that will come another cut for Auwae, followed by official visits, and an eventual final decision. "After that, I'll narrow it down to five schools and then commit after I take all five official vists."

One school in that list will likely be the Utah Utes, and Auwae has built up a very strong relationship with two coaches in particular from Salt Lake City. "I'm in contact with Coach Harding and Powell a lot. They've come down numerous times to see me, and I've loved watching Utah play since I was a kid. It was a big time offer for me when that offer came." The relationship that Auwae has with those two coaches could be a catalyst for the Utes, as Auwae states that coaching and family environment are the main qualities he's looking for in a school, and he feels early on that Utah has those qualities. "The coaches at Utah are a great group of guys. I can tell that they are very energetic, and my current head coach knows them very well, and he thinks they're awesome."

While it's stil relatively early on in the process for Auwae, Utah has to be liking the position they stand in with him, and will likely end up being one of the five schools he officially visits. After that comes the difficult task of trying to lock him up while on an official visit.

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