5 Questions: Utah State

Isaac Draxler of UStateAggies.com answers five questions on Utah State

1. What the hell happened in week 1?
Well the Defense can only be blamed for 1 play that resulted in a TD for SUU. That was after a botched punt and stalled drive. The Aggies had even more losses to their already thin WR corps in the SUU game. The biggest problem was the Offensive Line. Are USU coaches and players reading this article? They were horrible and the Utah players are probably licking their lips excited for this game.  They both blocked poorly and were penalized way too much. That is a bad combination. If it was one weak link then you could blame the suspension or Tyshon Mosley or maybe make a change but it was all 5 guys. If they can't at least hold their own at times vs the Utah Dline they have no chance.
2. Was Chuckie Keeton rusty, or is this the new Chuckie?
I would like to see what Chuckie can do with a better oline and healthy receivers before I can tell. If he is the old Chuckie you can expect a great performance against Utah just like the other 2 times he's played them. 
3. How will USU try to drum up more offense against Utah than they did against Southern Utah?
They have to both run the ball at times and get that Dline of Utah's off balance with a lot of movement. That comes down to whether Chuckie or the RB's can run the ball and the Oline has to win some battles up from at least. 
4. The defense continues to look strong. In what ways can they give Utah fits?
They can stop the run first and foremost. Unless they wear down late in the game I expect the Dline and LB's to be solid even against Utah's solid Oline.
5. Who will win and why?
The most likely outcome is the Utah Defense shuts down the USU offense enough and special teams gets good field position and the Utah offense puts up a few points. The less likely outcome is the Aggies Offensive Line makes a huge improvement ala BYU game last year, and Chuckie has another great game against the Utes. In that case the Aggies can keep it close and have a chance to take advantage of turnovers or big plays that win the game. I am expecting a low scoring grinder that the Utes pull out 17-13.

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