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It's a big weekend around the Pac 12 and the USR staff makes their best guesses

Who is going to win each of the Pac 12 matchups this week? We make our picks

Last Week

 Gorringe: 6-3

Harris: 7-2

Herrera: 6-3

Stevens: 6-3

Swinney: 5-4


Season to date

Gorringe: 50-21

Harris: 48-23

Herrera: 51-20

Stevens: 54-17

Swinney: 52-19


(18) UCLA vs. (15) Stanford

Gorringe: Stanford

Harris: Stanford

Herrera: Stanford

Stevens: Stanford

Swinney: UCLA


Oregon St vs. Wazzu

Gorringe: Wazzu

Harris: Wazzu

Herrera: Wazzu

Stevens: Wazzu

Swinney: Wazzu


USC vs. (14) Notre Dame

Gorringe: Notre Dame

Harris: Notre Dame

Herrera: Notre Dame

Stevens: Notre Dame

Swinney: Notre Dame


Arizona vs. Colorado

Gorringe: Arizona

Harris: Arizona

Herrera: Arizona

Stevens: Arizona

Swinney: Colorado


Oregon vs. Washington

Gorringe- Oregon

Harris: Oregon

Herrera: Washington

Stevens: Oregon

Swinney: Washington


(17) Iowa vs. (20) Northwestern

Gorringe: Iowa

Harris: Northwestern

Herrera: Iowa

Stevens: Iowa

Swinney: Iowa


(7) Michigan St. vs. (12) Michigan

Gorringe: Michigan

Harris: Michigan

Herrera: Michigan

Stevens: Michigan

Swinney: Michigan


(10) Alabama vs. (9) Texas a&m

Gorringe: Alabama

Harris: Alabama

Herrera: Alabama

Stevens: Texas A&M

Swinney: Alabama


(8) Florida vs. (6) LSU

Gorringe: LSU

Harris: LSU

Herrera: LSU

Stevens: LSU

Swinney: LSU

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