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The Ute Sports Report staff makes their picks for Saturday's big game

Picking the score and how things will play out between Utah and Arizona State


This matchup stinks. The ASU defense is one of the best in the conference at stopping the run, and their aggressive blitz schemes put a lot of pressure on opposing QB's. Not a good combo for Utah, coming off a game where Travis Wilson struggled and Devontae Booker was forced to carry the rock. I have no concerns about the Utah defense stopping the ASU offense, but I'm not sure Travis Wilson will be able to make enough plays through the air to win this game. Bad matchup for the Utes, and I think their undefeated streak ends Saturday

Arizona State 24 Utah 23


So far this season the Utes have faced either very strong defensive teams or strong offensive teams; the Utes have been able to handle everything that comes their way. ASU may be one of the more balanced teams the Utes have faced thus far into the season; boasting a very good run stopping defense (they have given up just 111 yards over the last 2 games), and a capable offense, with lots of talent. There is a chance that Booker may be neutralized by the ASU defensive front, however he is coming off his best game this year which is in his favor as well as his ability to catch the ball. The Utes Defense is playing at an extremely high level and getting turnovers to give the Utes offense even more chances to score. This game will come down to Travis Wilson's ability to move the ball (or not), and special teams. Look for the Utes to get Touchdowns from all three facets, Offense, Defense, and Special Teams to give them the win.

Utah 31 Arizona State 24


This is the year Utah beats ASU, though it will be ugly. In order for the Utes to win, they are going to have to adjust to the pressure ASU brings defensively. Backs & tight ends will have to be sound in blitz pick up and the O-line can't lose 1-on-1 battles. Look for Travis Wilson to bounce back after a poor showing against Cal. I think this game comes down to the final possession much like last year's USC game.
Utah 23 Arizona State 20


I don't like this one bit. The attacking ASU defense looks to be rounding into shape and the offense is efficient. The possible loss of Demario Richard will hurt ASU, but some teams are just a bad matchup for others. This is a bad matchup for Utah. Travis Wilson will need to take advantage of all ASU mistakes and the offensive line will need to play very well to help get Booker going. This one really could go either way, but I'll take a late Utah drive that ends with Andy Phillips from 48 yards out....missing left.

Arizona State 28 Utah 27

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