The Ute Sports Report staff makes their picks for Saturday's big game

Making our weekly selections for the Pac 12 and the big games around the country

Last Week

Gorringe: 8-2

Harris: 8-2

Herrera: 8-2

Stevens: 8-2

Swinney: 5-5

Season To Date

Gorringe: 58- 23

Harris: 56-25

Herrera: 59- 23

Stevens: 62-19

Swinney: 57-24

Cal at UCLA

Gorringe- UCLA

Harris- Cal

Herrera- Cal

Stevens- Cal

Swinney- UCLA

Washington State at Arizona

Gorringe- Arizona

Harris- Arizona

Herrera- Arizona

Stevens- Arizona

Swinney- Washington State

Colorado at Oregon State

Gorringe- Colorado

Harris- Colorado

Herrera- Colorado

Stevens- Colorado

Swinney- Colorado

Washington at Stanford

Gorringe- Stanford

Harris- Stanford

Herrera- Stanford

Stevens- Stanford

Swinney- Stanford

Temple at East Carolina

Gorringe- Temple

Harris- East Carolina

Herrera- East Carolina

Stevens- East Carolina

Swinney- Temple

Clemson at Miami

Gorringe- Clemson

Harris- Clemson

Herrera- Clemson

Stevens- Clemson

Swinney- Clemson

Texas Tech at Oklahoma

Gorringe- Oklahoma

Harris- Oklahoma

Herrera- Oklahoma 

Stevens- Oklahoma

Swinney- Oklahoma

Texas A&M at Ole Miss

Gorringe- Ole Miss

Harris- Texas A&M

Herrera- Ole Miss

Stevens- Texas A&M

Swinney- Ole Miss

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