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The Utes are the consensus pick as the lowly Beavers come to town

Making our selections for Saturday's blackout game


It's really simple. Utah is really good and Oregon State is really bad. The Beavers have little to no offensive threats, and their defense has been shredded all year long by average or better offenses. Utes bounce back in a big way. 

Utah 45 Oregon State 13


You better believe that this one will be personal between Whit and his former assistants. With the familiarity of the coaching staff, combined with fact that on any given Saturday the Beavers may have a cha... No just kidding the Utes are more talented in every aspect including coaching.  

Utes 31 Oregon State 3


Expect a lot of Booker against a terrible Oregon State run defense. Wilson will be reeled in a bit & expected to manage the game with simple passes. Utah dominates this one start to finish, with Whittingham running up the score against his former comrades.

Utah 50 Oregon State 10


The Beavers are outmanned every-which-way in this game, and twice on Sunday. Utah is bigger, stronger, faster, more experienced, and has the home-field advantage. The emotion of this one could keep is close early, but even with some guys out with injuries for Utah, the Utes will both run and throw for over 200 yards as the get back on track.

Utah 41 Oregon State 10

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