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A big slate of games are on tap as the season winds down

Rivalry games and big matchups dot the schedule this weekend

Last Week

Gorringe: 6-3

Harris: 6-3

Herrera: 5-4

Stevens: 4-5

Swinney: 4-5

Season To Date

Gorringe: 85-34

Harris: 79-40

Herrera: 84-35

Stevens: 83-36

Swinney: 85-34


Arizona at Arizona State

Gorringe: Arizona State

Harris: Arizona State

Herrera: Arizona State

Stevens: Arizona State

Swinney: Arizona State


USC at Oregon

Gorringe: Oregon

Harris: Oregon

Herrera: Oregon

Stevens: USC

Swinney: Oregon


Washington at Oregon State

Gorringe: Washington

Harris: Washington

Herrera: Washington

Stevens: Washington

Swinney: Washington


California at Stanford

Gorringe: Stanford

Harris: Stanford

Herrera: Stanford

Stevens: Stanford

Swinney: Cal


Colorado At Washington State

Gorringe: Washington State

Harris: Washington State

Herrera: Washington State

Stevens: Washington State

Swinney: Washington State


Michigan at Penn State

Gorringe: Michigan

Harris: Michigan

Herrera: Michigan

Stevens: Michigan

Swinney: Michigan


Memphis at Temple

Gorringe: Memphis

Harris: Temple

Herrera: Memphis

Stevens: Memphis

Swinney: Memphis


LSU at Ole Miss

Gorringe: LSU

Harris: LSU

Herrera: LSU

Stevens: LSU

Swinney: Ole Miss


Northwestern at Wisconsin

Gorringe: Northwestern

Harris: Wisconsin

Herrera: Wisconsin

Stevens: Northwestern

Swinney: Northwestern


Michigan State at Ohio State

Gorringe: Ohio State

Harris: Michigan State

Herrera: Ohio State

Stevens: Ohio State

Swinney: Ohio State


Baylor at Oklahoma State

Gorringe: Baylor

Harris: Oklahoma State

Herrera: Baylor

Stevens: State

Swinney: Baylor


TCU at Oklahoma

Gorringe: Oklahoma

Harris: Oklahoma

Herrera: Oklahoma

Stevens: Oklahoma

Swinney: Oklahoma


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