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Picking each of the games across the Pac 12

It's the final week of the season with bowl hopes and a Pac 12 South title on the line

Last Week

Gorringe: 10-3

Harris: 11-2

Herrera: 8-5

Stevens: 8-5

Swinney: 10-3

Season To Date

Gorringe: 95-37

Harris: 90-42

Herrera: 92- 40

Stevens: 91-41

Swinney: 95-37

Oregon State at Oregon

Gorringe: Oregon

Harris: Oregon

Herrera: Oregon

Swinney: Oregon

Washington State at Washington
Gorringe: Washington

Harris: Washington State

Herrera: Washington State

Swinney: Washington


Gorringe: UCLA

Harris: USC

Herrera: USC

Stevens: USC

Swinney: UCLA

Notre Dame at Stanford

Gorringe: Stanford

Harris: Stanford

Herrera: Notre Dame

Stevens: Stanford

Swinney: Notre Dame

Arizona State at Cal

Gorringe: Cal

Harris: Cal

Herrera: Cal

Stevens: Cal

Swinney: Cal
Navy at Houston

Gorringe: Navy

Harris: Navy

Herrera: Houston

Stevens: Houston

Swinney: Houston
Baylor at TCU

Gorringe: TCU

Harris: Baylor

Herrera:  Baylor

Stevens: Baylor

Swinney: Baylor

Ohio State at Michigan

Gorringe: Michigan

Harris: Michigan

Herrera: Ohio State

Stevens: Ohio State

Swinney: Michigan

Penn State at Michigan State

Gorringe: Michigan State

Harris: Michigan State

Herrera: Michigan State

Stevens: Michigan State

Swinney: Michigan State

Ole Miss at Mississippi State

Gorringe: Mississippi State

Harris: Ole Miss

Herrera: Mississippi State

Stevens: Ole Miss

Swinney: Mississippi State

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Gorringe: Oklahoma

Harris: Oklahoma

Herrera: Oklahoma

Stevens: Oklahoma

Swinney: Oklahoma

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