Davir Hamilton of Long Beach Poly Takes an Official Visit to Utah

Utah commit Davir Hamilton discusses his official visit

By Andrew Gorringe

When Long Beach Poly HS athlete Davir Hamilton announced his commitment to Utah back in June, he became one of Utah's most valuable commitments. Hamilton is a very long, athletic football player that can play multiple positions on the field, and is someone that can conceivably contribute for the Utes at the very beginning of his career. That's not the only reason Hamilton's commitment is so valuable though, as he has become a very active recruiter for the Utes, trying to get more and more athletes to join him in Salt Lake City.<br><br>

Hamilton finally took his official visit to Utah this past weekend to watch the Utes take on UCLA, and he enjoyed himself much more than he had when he previously unofficially visited the program. "The visit was more than I thought it would be. When I first got there earlier this year I only had one day there, but I had a full two days this time and I was blown away with everything. Especially the stuff not related to football. The weekend was great."<br><br>

Hamilton was hosted by wide receiver Tyler Cooperwood and corner back Dominique Hatfield, and the bond that he had with those two players, and the rest of the team, was something that stood out to him. "The thing I was most impressed about was how many of the players knew I was committed there and they were already treating me like a teammate." Another big thing that stood out to Hamilton was the emphasis the coaching staff put on academics, and preparing him for the next level. "The coaching staff actually cares more about school than football. They want you to graduate in three years so that you can get ready for the NFL."

The visit itinerary included dinner, a movie, go karts and of course the Utah-UCLA game, and even though the Utes weren't able to get the win, that didn't change the atmosphere of Hamilton's visit. "(Utah losing) was a non factor. They just have too many injuries, and I know that with last years' class, this year’s and the years to come, we are going to be a powerhouse in the PAC 12, and winning a national championship soon. The visit was actually more enjoyable because the players showed me that you have just have to keeping rolling on, and not worry about the bad."<br><br>

The official visit was more than just opportunity for Hamilton to visit his future home though, as he used this opportunity to recruit fellow visitors that weren't committed to Utah, like Frank Martin, Alex Akingbulu and Markell Simmons. Hamilton has been very active on Twitter trying to get other athletes to join him at Utah, and said he's specifically working on recruiting Martin, Melquis Stovall, Mique Juarez and even some players residing in the state of Utah.<br><br>

To end his visit, Hamilton got the chance to meet with the coaching staff, and said they were able to talk about many different things. "The meeting with the coaches went good. We mainly talked about playing time and what position they want me to play there." Hamilton spent most of the year playing wide receiver, but also spent time at linebacker and defensive end, and the Ute coaching staff see him playing a similar role for them. "I'd prefer to play wide receiver in order to help the offense, but I'll play where ever the team needs me."<br><br>

While it is possible for Hamilton to play wide receiver at Utah, his most likely position will be outside linebacker, as the Ute coaching staff loves his upside as a defensive athlete. Just before Hamilton committed to Utah, he received an offer from the hometown school UCLA, and while he doesn't rule out taking additional visits, he says no team is willing to try and dissuade him of his commitment to Utah. "I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to look at what other schools have to offer, but no one wants to challenge Utah."

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