Utah prospect Jordan Lolohea discusses recruiting

2017 prospect Jordan Lolohea is looking for that first offer

By Andrew Gorringe

With the growth and popularity of social media and recruiting websites over the past five years, fans and reporters have become accustomed to seeing high school football players pull in 10, 15, 20 and sometimes even 30+ offers from division one football programs. With the simple click of the ‘Tweet’ button, most players are letting fans and reporters know almost daily which school has been the latest to extend them the chance to attend college for free, while playing the sport they love. What we often tend to forget though, is that there are some high school players out there that are consistently working hard, just hoping to get a chance to say they have finally gotten that coveted first offer. This is the situation that Jordan Lolohea finds himself in.

Lolohea is an unknown to most in the state of Utah. For the past two years he has attended West High School, a school not known for producing division one football players, but that hasn’t stopped him from showing that he’s worthy of playing football at the next level. Listed at 6’4-230lbs, Lolohea played all over the field for the West High School Panthers, lining up at linebacker, defensive end, and sometimes even defensive tackle. Oh yeah, he also ran the football a little bit, averaging nearly 4 yards a carry. He finished the 2015 season with a team high 61 tackles and 6 TFL’s, while his team finished winless on the year.

Lolohea looks to improve upon those numbers in 2016, and he’ll be doing it a new school. He has transferred just across town to East High School, and is anxious to get started. “I’m very excited for next season. I’ve known a lot of the players and coaches at East, so it feels good to a part of their team.” A fresh start may be just what Lolohea needs to get more attention from division one programs, and he couldn’t have picked a much better school to do it at, as East is one of the state’s best producers of division one college football players. Lolohea knows though that the offer won’t won’t come just because of his new school. “I haven’t received any offers yet, but I’ve been talking with Utah, BYU and Utah State. I’m just hoping to pick up an offer from one of them.” In order to pick up that first offer, Lolohea has some things in mind that he must do. “First things first, I have to make sure that my grades are where they should be, and then I have to train to get faster and stronger so I can become a better player on the field.”

Of the three in state school currently taking an interest in Lolohea, one of them is one that his family is very familiar with. The Utah Utes. Jordan’s father Al was a defensive lineman for the Utes’ in the late 80’s, and the idea of following in his father’s footsteps is very intriguing for Lolohea. “I would love to go to Utah. It’s been one of my favorite schools growing up.” Lolohea states that he’s primarily kept in contact with new TE’s coach Fred Whittingham, but is hoping that the communication picks back up. “It’s been really good talking with (Whittingham). He’s very nice and welcoming, but we kind of lost contact every since I transferred.”

 Lolohea intends to pick that line of communication back up soon, as he will be attending the Utes’ local junior day on Friday April 1st. With the summer of camps to come, and the new start at East in 2016, Lolohea will be someone to keep an eye on for college football fans in the state of Utah.

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