Miki Suguturaga on his recruitnemtn

Suguturaga connected to the Utah program

By Steve Bartle

When describing the Utah football program, one of the first things you will hear is “Family.” For Hawaiian DE Miki Suguturaga, that actually has some weight to it. “My mom’s side of the family is basically Utah all the way. My uncle is FIlipo Mokofisi and Filipo Jr is my cousin, and they’re a big reason why I decided to play football, and Utah has always been the school they want me to go to.”

Not only is Miki related to the Mokofisi’s, but Coach Lewis Powell, his main recruiter is also a distant relative. They’ve been talking more and more about the Utah program and developing a stronger relationship as well.

One of the first things you notice about Miki, is just his sheer size. Going into his Sr season, he’s already 6’5 260 lbs and is working hard to add more size and strength. Despite his size, Miki recognizes the game is much more than just overpowering an opponent. “I’m very lengthy, so when I play I like to keep the OL off me and use my length to my advantage. I’m working a lot on my technique, which is something I learned from players in the past, telling me to work on my craft, to keep working on my hand technique, my hips, it’s something I can always work and get better.”

Miki recently attended the Seattle Opening, where he was able to showcase his abilities in front of many, and has seen his recruitment pick up. Miki is now up to 10 offers and says he’s hearing from everyone pretty equally, but mentioned that Utah, Byu, Washington State, and Oregon State are standing out to him.

With Utah’s track record on the defensive line, it’s easy to see Miki having success at Utah, especially considering the family. “Right now, Coach Powell is recruiting me as DE, but we’ll see. My cousin Filipo went there as an OLB and now he’s a DT. So we’ll see, but he definitely sees me having success on the defensive line.”

When it comes to making a decision, Miki has a pretty simple but very important idea of what he wants from the school. “Which ever school offers me the most help, not just in football but in school and life. My mom’s approval is going to be a big factor as well. Education is going to be important. But I’ve got to have mom’s approval.”

With those factors, Miki is looking to commit some time during the fall or shortly after that. With mom’s side of the family being big time Ute fans, approval should come easy, regardless Ute fans will want to pay attention to Miki this fall. 

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