JC defensive end Anthony Luke updates his recruitment

Utah looking to land another American River College player in Anthony Luke

Steve Bartle

When it comes to the Utah football program, one of the first things that will be mentioned about them is the success & importance of good defensive line play. The Utes, who have inspired the phrase “Sack Lake City” from when they lead the entire nation in sacks, have a great track record of identifying linemen that will fit their defense both physically & mentally. Anthony Luke could be the next lineman that fits that bill.

A defensive end out of American River College, a popular school among Ute fans, Luke has seen his recruitment pick up after a solid Freshman season. “My recruitment is going pretty good, as of right now, Utah is my 4th offer. My first offer was Iowa St., and then San Jose St, and then Youngstown St which is D1AA school. I’m talking to USF (South Florida) and Central Florida, and a few other Pac12 schools like Oregon, Colorado, Washington State and Oregon St are talking to me right now.”

What’s impressive about Anthony is his overall athleticism, he moves extremely well, and looks like a kid that has been playing on the defensive line his entire life, but that’s actually not the case. He grew up playing running back and linebacker all through peewee leagues and high school and then had a growth spurt to 6’3 and 250 lbs. “Last year was my first time playing defensive line at a high level like that, and I probably relied on my athleticism too much. One thing I learned, that I kind of struggled with last year, was trying to make every play. I mean I made plays, but understanding my role, and playing with better technique and not get caught peeking or over pursuing, so I’ve been working a lot on my technique.” Utah though, has seen enough from him to believe he would be a great addition to the program.

Coach Harding and Coach Powell have both been in contact with Anthony. Coach Powell actually extended the offer to him, while Harding has done a tremendous job building a relationship with him as well. Anthony also has a few connections to the Utah program, he’s teammates with RB target Armand Shyne, and is good friends with current RB Marcel Manalo. And it sounds like they’ve done a good job selling him on the benefits of playing at Utah. “Utah’s a great program, I know they’ve got a lot of defensive lineman in the league, I think they’re tied with Alabama. I’m actually friends with Marcel Brown (Manalo), and I talked to him about Utah when I got the offer. So I know it’s a great program and right now they’re my #1 choice.”

Because Anthony was a non-qualifier he had to go the Juco route, but is currently has a 3.1 GPA and is on track to graduate in December with his Associates. Because of his non-qualifier status, he’s going to be limited with his official visits as he will only be able to take them during the season, so they will be very valuable. The good news is, Utah sounds like it should get a visit. “It’s hard to take visits during the season, it’s going to be pretty limited because of my schedule with the team. So I’ll have to be smart about who gets a visit, because I have to sign in December. But I can’t wait til the season starts because that’s when I can take a visit. I’d love to visit Utah because it’d be a really great program to play for, and a really great coaching staff too.”

Anthony is aiming to commit sometime in the Fall. “I want to make a decision by October, the reason why is I want to be able to develop relationships with the coaches. So I think committing in October to give me a couple months to build that relationship.”

When it comes to making a decision, Anthony is looking at one really big thing. “Whatever school is best for me, that fits the kind of football player I am. Like I pay attention to what kind of defense they play, I feel like I can play in a 3 point or 2 point stance, I definitely prefer the hand in the dirt though, that way I can just get after it! That’s where the real men play, is in the trenches.”


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