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Picking the winners of each of the Pac 12 games

A weak slate of games for the conference of champions outside of Salt Lake City

USC vs Utah State
Bartle- USC
Bodkin- USC
Borg- USC
Davidson- USC
Dunn- USC
Durant- USC
Gorringe- USC
Sorensen- USC
Swinney- USC
Bartle- UCLA
Bodkin- UCLA
Borg- UCLA
Davidson- UCLA
Dunn- UCLA
Durant- UCLA
Gorringe- I love UCLA
Sorensen- UCLA
Swinney- UCLA
Washington vs Idaho
Bartle- Washington
Bodkin- Washington
Borg- Washington
Davidson- Washington
Dunn- Washington
Durant- Washington
Gorringe- Washington
Swinney- Washington
Colorado vs Idaho State
Bartle- Colorado
Bodkin- Colorado
Borg- Colorado
Davidson- Colorado
Dunn- Colorado
Durant- Colorado
Gorringe- Colorado
Sorensen- Colorado
Swinney- Colorado
Arizona State vs Texas Tech
Bartle- Texas Tech
Bodkin- Arizona State
Borg- Texas Tech
Davidson- Texas Tech
Dunn- Texas Tech
Durant- Texas Tech
Gorringe- Texas Tech
Sorensen- Arizona State
Swinney- Arizona State
Washington State at Boise State
Bartle- Boise State
Bodkin- Boise State
Borg- Boise State
Davidson- Boise State
Dunn- Washington State
Durant- Washington State
Gorringe- Boise State
Sorensen- Boise State
Swinney- Boise State 

Cal at San Diego State
Bartle- Cal
Bodkin- San Diego State
Borg- Cal
Davidson- Cal
Dunn- Cal
Durant- San Diego State
Gorringe- Cal
Sorensen- Cal
Swinney- San Diego State
Oregon vs Virginia
Bartle- Oregon
Bodkin- Oregon
Borg- Oregon
Davidson- Oregon
Dunn- Oregon
Durant- Oregon
Gorringe- Oregon
Sorensen- Oregon
Swinney- Oregon
Arizona vs Grambling
Bartle- Arizona
Bodkin- Arizona
Borg- Arizona
Davidson- Arizona
Dunn- Arizona
Durant- Grambling
Gorringe- Arizona
Sorensen- Arizona
Swinney- Arizona
Utah vs BYU
Bartle- Byu relying on defense, run game, and punting? Can't out-Utah the Utes to victory. Utah 31 BYU 16
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Bodkin- Utah, score will seem closer than how the game actually plays out. Utah 35 BYU 24
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Borg- I know last week created quite a wrinkle in the confidence of Ute fans, but his week will be much better. Even with poor offensive line play, Utah was able to move the ball all over the field. After a week of practice based off the game film, the false start penalties won’t kill drives and the run game blocking schematics will get corrected. Utah will be able to find the endzone on Saturday. BYU will start with a lot of energy and Utah will stall on its first two drives, but then things will settle down. Taysom Hill will move the ball, but after appearing slower against AZ, Utah will be able to coral him. BYU scores off of a big play from a blown assignment, but then end up having to settle for field goals. Utah separates itself in the second and third quarters. Pita Taumoepenu and Troy McCormick are the impact players. Utah 27 BYU 13
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Davidson- Taysom and Jamaal are unleashed because BYU has a difficult time passing on Utah's secondary, but it isn't enough to over come Utah's offense and improved line play. Utes win to make it six in a row. Utah 24 BYU 13
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Dunn- BYU's pro-style offense is a great matchup for Utah's defense, though Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams will still hurt the Utes with some big plays. After shaking off some early-game jitters, Troy Williams and Andy Phillips will do just enough to get the Utes the W. Utah 20 BYU 17
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Durant- BYU will keep things uncomfortable for about the first half. Utah pulls away in the third quarter. The Utes have better talent across the board and they are better coached. Utah 31 BYU 10
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Gorringe- Utah is much better than what they showed against SUU, and BYU is pretty much what they showed against Arizona. Utah is considerably more talented than the Cougars, and have the much better coaching staff. That's a recipe for success. The only thing that could derail this game for Utah is the O Line, and I'm confident that Dielman has fixed his snaps and Coach Harding has motivated his guys. Utes win the rivalry game,that is not as close as the final score. Utah 27 BYU 17
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Sorensen-BYU will make Ute fans uneasy through much of the game, but the Utes will pull away late, securing a sixth straight win over the Cougars. Utah 31 BYU 20
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Swinney- The Utes have advantages all over the field. They're a more complete team with a better level of athleticism, the home field advantage, and the mental edge over the Cougars. It won't be easy, but the streak will run to six in a surprisingly higher scoring affair than most expect. Utah 30 BYU 20

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