Picking each of the Pac 12 games and some national games

The Utezone staff makes their picks for the big games nationally and in the conference

Last Week

Bartle- 8-2

Bodkin- 10-2

Borg- 8-2

Davidson- 8-2

Dunn- 7-3

Durant- 7-3

Gorringe- 8-2

Sorensen- 9-1

Swinney- 10-0

Arizona State vs Texas-San Antonio

Bartle- Arizona State

Bodkin- Arizona State

Borg- Arizona State

Davidson- Arizona State

Dunn- Arizona State

Durant- Arizona State

Gorringe- Arizona State

Sorensen- Arizona State

Swinney- Arizona State

Colorado at Michigan

Bartle- Michigan

Bodkin- Michigan

Borg- Michigan

Davidson- Michigan

Dunn- Michigan

Durant- Michigan

Gorringe- Michigan

Sorensen- Michigan

Swinney- Michigan

Oregon State vs Idaho State

Bartle- Idaho State

Bodkin- Oregon State

Borg- Oregon State

Davidson- Oregon State

Dunn- Oregon State

Durant- Oregon State

Gorringe- Oregon State

Sorensen- Oregon State

Swinney- Oregon State

Cal vs Texas

Bartle- Texas

Bodkin- Texas

Borg- Texas

Davidson- Texas

Dunn- Texas

Durant- Texas

Gorringe- Texas

Sorensen- Texas

Swinney- Texas

Oregon at Nebraska

Bartle- Nebraska

Bodkin- Oregon

Borg- Oregon

Davidson- Nebraska

Dunn- Oregon

Durant- Oregon

Gorringe- Nebraska

Sorensen- Oregon

Swinney- Oregon


Bartle- UCLA

Bodkin- BYU

Borg- UCLA

Davidson- UCLA

Dunn- UCLA

Durant- UCLA

Gorringe- UCLA

Sorensen- UCLA

Swinney- UCLA

Washington vs Portland State

Bartle- Washington

Bodkin- Washington

Borg- Washington

Davidson- Washington

Dunn- Washington

Durant- Washington

Gorringe- Washington

Sorensen- Washington

Swinney- Washington

Washington State vs Idaho

Bartle- Washington State

Bodkin- Washington State

Borg- Washington State

Davidson- Washington State

Dunn- Washington State

Durant- Idaho

Gorringe- Washington State

Sorensen- Washington State

Swinney- Washington State

USC at Stanford

Bartle- Stanford

Bodkin- Stanford

Borg- Stanford

Davidson- Stanford

Dunn- Stanford

Durant- Stanford

Gorringe- Stanford

Sorensen- Stanford

Swinney- Stanford

Arizona vs Hawaii

Bartle- Hawaii

Bodkin- Arizona

Borg- Arizona

Davidson- Arizona

Dunn- Arizona

Durant- Arizona

Gorringe- Arizona

Sorensen- Arizona

Swinney- Arizona

Florida State at Louisville

Bartle- Louisville

Bodkin- Florida State

Borg- Louisville

Davidson- Louisville

Dunn- Louisville

Durant- Florida State

Gorringe- Louisville

Sorensen- Florida State

Swinney- Florida State

Alabama at Ole Miss

Bartle- Alabama

Bodkin- Alabama

Borg- Alabama

Davidson- Alabama

Dunn- Alabama

Durant- Alabama

Gorringe- Alabama

Sorensen- Alabama

Swinney- Alabama

Michigan State at Notre Dame

Bartle- Notre Dame

Bodkin- Michigan State

Borg- Notre Dame

Davidson- Michigan State

Dunn- Notre Dame

Durant- Notre Dame

Gorringe- Notre Dame

Sorensen- Notre Dame

Swinney- Michigan State

Ohio State at Oklahoma

Bartle- Ohio State

Bodkin- Ohio State

Borg- Ohio State

Davidson- Ohio State

Dunn- Ohio State

Durant- Ohio State

Gorringe- Oklahoma

Sorensen- Ohio State

Swinney- Oklahoma

Utah at San Jose State

Bartle- The Utes dominate the trenches this game, offense scores four touchdowns by halftime, and the starters are pulled after a series in the 3rd quarter. Huntley and Shyne continue to move the ball on offense and cruise to a victory. Utes win 52-13. 

Bodkin- The Utes continue to make progress on offense after figuring out the missing piece- the run game. I would not be shocked to see Utah's defense shutout San Jose State's offense.

Borg- Utah looks a little uneasy in its first quarter on the road. SJSU gets a touchdown on the first drive but then the D clamps down. Williams throws for 3 TDS & 0 interceptions, the combination of RBS run for 180 yards with McCormick leading the way with two runs over 20 yards. Utah 31-10 

Davidson- San Jose State showed they can put points on the board against an FCS team, but could only manage 10 points against Tulsa. The offense will clean up the turnovers and gain some confidence before heading into conference play. Utah 37-10

Dunn- Utah again goes vanilla on offense not wanting to expose too much of the playbook before USC. The Utes finally break the game open in the 3rd quarter and Tyler Huntley gets some more game experience as the game winds down. Utah 38 - SJSU 14

Durant- Utah hasn't lost to San Jose State since 1974. Offensive line continues their improvement and the Utes run for 200 yards. San Jose State is more the team that was blown out by Tulsa than scored 66 against Portland State. Utah 27 San Jose State 3.

Gorringe- Utah avoids the post rivalry game hangover and take care of business on the road against a San Jose State team that has given up a ton of points to some not so good football teams. Look for the Ute offense to explode this weekend. Utah 45 San Jose State 16

Sorensen- Utes win big as the offense finally comes alive. Utah 45 San Jose State 17

Swinney- The Utes are too big, strong, and fast for San Jose State to keep pace. Utah runs for over 250 yards and throws for another 250 as the Utes build a sizable lead before the backups yield a few late touchdowns to make it closer than it really is. Utah 48 SJSU 24


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