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Tyquez Hampton set to visit Utah

2017 three star wide receiver Tyquez Hampton is set to take official visit to Utah to watch the Utes take on the USC Trojans. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on his upcoming visit.

When the bright lights turn on at Rice-Eccles Stadium this upcoming Saturday, there will be a special visitor on the sidelines to take it in for the very first time. El Dorado (TX) HS wide receiver, Tyquez Hampton will be on hand to take in the experience and he’s excited to see what Utah is all about. 

“I fly out there on Friday the 23rd,” Hampton said. “I’m very excited, ya know, I’m ready to just see what the atmosphere is like, see how the game goes, and just to be around the coaches and to see how they adapt to winning or losing situations. It’s all a great experience and I’m just very excited to see it all.”

At 6-foot-2 inches and 200 pounds, Hampton is a big receiver prospect with excellent speed - he's been electronically timed at a 4.5 forty. In his film, he shows the typical traits needed at the receiver position such as athleticism and good hands, but Hampton plays with a physicality that is unique to the position. “I look to bring speed, swagger, versatility, I look to bring all that,” he said. "From what I’ve heard, people think wide receivers are weak, but you’ll see on my film, I like contact. If I can’t juke you, I’ll go right through, there’s no running out of bounds from me. And when it comes to blocking, I got no problem blocking either.”

At Utah, the offense has heavily relied on the running game since joining the Pac-12 conference, but with new wide receivers coach Guy Holliday, there seems to be more of an emphasis on the wide receivers creating big plays for the offense. “I’ve been paying attention to the offense. I see they’re trying to get it where they need to get it at, but it’s not where I expected it to be. I think their last game they only threw for like 200 yards, and I know they’re a run oriented team, but I do see they are trying to get it out to their wide receivers and not just shying away from them, which is good,” he said.

Coach Holliday is not only providing a boost to the group of wide receivers he coaches now, but he’s been a big boost on the recruiting trail, in particular he’s done a very good job with Hampton. “Since the beginning, I’ve really liked him recruiting me. I actually get like a genuine feel from him. It isn’t like some other coaches just telling me what I want to hear, but it’s truthful and genuine," he said. “Like rather than tell me I’ll come in and play right away, they tell that if I want to play early I have to come in a compete for it. And Coach Holliday called me before my game last week and we talked for like 15 minutes, that meant a lot, and we just talk a lot.”

With signs of life in the passing game and a new position coach, Utah still may have another ace in the hole, with current QB commit Jason Shelley. “I actually talked to him a little while ago, and he let me know when he was going to visit Utah, and we kind of made plans from there,” he said. “Even though I don’t have the best relationship with him, I know him as a quarterback, and he’s a phenomenal one. That’s why I think Utah wants to throw the ball more often because I know Jason can throw it, and that he wants to throw it, not just hand it off every play.” 


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