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Picking each of the Pac 12 contests and national names of note

Pac 12 play is in full swing as the staff makes their picks for week 4

Last Week

Bartle- 11-4

Bodkin- 11-4

Davidson- 14-1


Durant- 10-5

Gorringe- 12-3

Sorensen- 11-4

Swinney- 11-4

Season To Date

Bartle- 19-6

Bodkin- 21-4

Davidson- 22-3

Dunn- 19-6

Durant- 17-8

Gorringe- 20-5

Sorensen- 20-5

Swinney- 21-4

This Week

Oregon State vs Boise State

Bartle- Boise State

Bodkin- Oregon State

Davidson- Boise State

Dunn- Boise State

Durant- Boise State

Gorringe- Boise State

Sorensen- Boise State

Swinney- Boise State

Colorado at Oregon

Bartle- Oregon

Bodkin- Oregon

Davidson- Oregon

Dunn- Oregon

Durant- Colorado

Gorringe- Oregon

Sorensen- Oregon

Swinney- Oregon

Cal at Arizona State

Bartle- Cal

Bodkin- Arizona State

Davidson- Cal

Dunn- Arizona State

Durant- Arizona State

Gorringe- Arizona State

Sorensen- Cal

Swinney- Arizona State

Washington at Arizona

Bartle- Washington

Bodkin- Washington

Davidson- Washington

Dunn- Washington

Durant- Washington

Gorringe- Washington

Sorensen- Washington

Swinney- Washington

Stanford at UCLA

Bartle- Stanford

Bodkin- Stanford

Davidson- Stanford

Dunn- UCLA

Durant- Stanford

Gorringe- Stanford

Sorensen- Stanford

Swinney- UCLA

Georgia at Ole Miss

Bartle- Ole Miss

Bodkin- Ole Miss

Davidson- Ole Miss

Dunn- Georgia

Durant- Ole Miss

Gorringe- Ole Miss

Sorensen- Georgia

Swinney- Ole Miss

Wisconsin at Michigan State

Bartle- Michigan State

Bodkin- Michigan State

Davidson- Michigan State

Dunn- Michigan State

Durant- Wisconsin

Gorringe- Michigan State

Sorensen- Michigan State

Swinney- Michigan State

Florida at Tennessee

Bartle- Florida

Bodkin- Florida

Davidson- Florida

Dunn- Tennessee

Durant- Florida

Gorringe- Florida

Sorensen- Florida

Swinney- Tennessee

Arkansas at Texas A&M

Bartle- Texas A&M

Bodkin- Arkansas

Davidson- Texas A&M

Dunn- Texas A&M

Durant- Texas A&M

Gorringe- Texas A&M

Sorensen- Arkansas

Swinney- Texas A&M

USC at Utah

Bartle- This is going to be one of those games where you lose 5-10 years off your life. It's going to be a slugfest. With so many off-field situations, it's clear that not everything is all rainbows & unicorns at SC, but I feel the drama this week has been a little overblown. I think it's crucial that Utah come out strong in the first quarter & get the jump on them early, but that is something the Utes have not done in their 3 games this far. However, I think Utah does just that and, behind heady play of QB Troy Williams & the 3-headed monster at RB, squeak out the victory. Utah 27 USC 24

Bodkin- I'm on the fence about this one. I think overall Utah is the better team mostly because I think they are unified and better coached, but USC while a little undisciplined from the sounds of it is chalk full of talent. This isn't Utah's first rodeo with a USC team in disarray and lets face it, they always seem to come out with the "L" despite the perfect storm of chaos on USC's end. If the offense can minimize mistakes and come out fast without a warm-up period I like Utah's odds being at home and in some weather. I think this game will be ugly a low scoring. Utah 17 USC 13

Davidson- The Trojans may be giving a freshman his first start on the road in a hostile Rice-Eccles Stadium. But Sam Darnold is big, he can move, and he has exceptional talent all around him. This will be the Utes' biggest challenge yet and I think it will be a close game. But I'm going to stick with my original prediction of a Utah win. Utah 24 USC 20 

Dunn- After showing flashes of brilliance in the first three games, Troy Williams puts it all together as USC stuffs the box to stop the run. Utah 31 - USC 14

Durant- Ugly games in ugly weather generally favor the team with the better defense, especially the better defensive line. Utah 13 USC 7

Gorringe- I'm really not sure what to think about this game. USC seems to be in total disarray, but they have so much talent that they have the potential to beat any team on any given day. Utah's struggles with finishing drives concerns me greatly, and when you combine that with the recent turnover bug that has hit the offense, it's not a good combo. I haven't had a good feeling about this game all week, and I'm not sure why, as my head tells me Utah wins, but my gut is saying USC. When that's the case, I go with my gut. USC 24 Utah 23

Sorensen- This game is going to be a dog fight in the purest sense. USC is desperate for a win, and will be motivated to come into SLC and try to push Utah around. Utah has to take care of the ball. If they don't turn the ball over, Utes win on a last second Andy Phillips field goal. Utah 16 USC 13

Swinney- You've got a desperate USC team against a gelling Utah squad. My gut says that USC gets things put together eventually with Darnold now at the helm at quarterback, but in bad weather against this Utah defense is not the place to do it. It'll be close, but the Utes will get the job done behind the leg of Andy Phillips. Utah 23 USC 17

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