Making our selections for the Pac 12 and national games of the week

Last Week

Bartle- 6-4

Bodkin- 5-5

Borg- 4-6

Davidson- 6-4

Dunn- 6-4

Durant- 9-1

Gorringe- 6-4

Sorenson- 4-6

Swinney- 7-3

Season To Date

Bartle- 25-10

Bodkin- 26-9

Borg- 24-11

Davidson- 28-7

Dunn- 23-12

Durant- 26-9

Gorringe- 26-9

Sorenson- 24-11

Swinney- 28-7

Stanford at Washington

Bartle- Washington

Borg- Stanford

Davidson- Stanford

Dunn- Stanford

Durant- Stanford

Gorringe- Washington

Sorenson- Stanford

Swinney- Washington

Arizona at UCLA

Bartle- UCLA

Borg- UCLA

Davidson- UCLA

Dunn- UCLA

Durant- UCLA

Gorringe- UCLA

Sorenson- UCLA

Swinney- UCLA

Arizona State at USC

Bartle- USC

Borg- USC

Davidson- USC

Dunn- Arizona State

Durant- Arizona State

Gorringe- USC

Sorenson- USC

Swinney- USC

Oregon at Washington State

Bartle- Oregon

Borg- Oregon

Davidson- Oregon

Dunn- Oregon

Durant- Oregon

Gorringe- Oregon

Sorenson- Oregon

Swinney- Washington State

Oregon State at Colorado

Bartle- Colorado

Borg- Colorado

Davidson- Colorado

Dunn- Colorado

Durant- Colorado

Gorringe- Colorado

Sorenson- Colorado

Swinney- Colorado

Wisconsin at Michigan

Bartle- Michigan

Borg- Michigan

Davidson- Michigan

Dunn- Michigan

Durant- Wisconsin

Gorringe- Michigan

Sorenson- Michigan

Swinney- Michigan

North Carolina at Florida State

Bartle- Florida State

Borg- Florida State

Davidson- Florida State

Dunn- Florida State

Durant- Florida State

Gorringe- Florida State

Sorenson- Florida State

Swinney- Florida State

Oklahoma at TCU

Bartle- Oklahoma

Borg- TCU

Davidson- TCU

Dunn- TCU

Durant- TCU

Gorringe- Oklahoma

Sorenson- TCU

Swinney- TCU

Louisville at Clemson

Bartle- Louisville

Borg- Louisville

Davidson- Louisville

Dunn- Louisville

Durant- Clemson

Gorringe- Clemson

Sorenson- Clemson

Swinney- Clemson

Utah at Cal

Bartle- I've had such a hard time with this game. Cal can score points and move the ball as well as anyone in the country, but their defense is very suspect. Utah can control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, but more importantly on offense with the run game. If Utah can be efficient with the run, I think they win this, but Cal knows this and will force the ball into Troy's hands. Utah will need to drastically improve their their zone coverage, but I also think the pass rush reemerges this week. With all that said, I think Troy continues his strong play and the Utes win. Utah 41 Cal 31

Borg- I predicted this as a loss before the season started and I am going to stick to my guns against my will. First big road test and against a solid team. Utah will have a few stalled drives due to false starts and trouble communicating being on the road. Unfortunately, against the high-octane Cal, that will be enough for Utah to be unable to keep up with the Bears. Cal 37 Utah 31

Davidson- Utah is going run the ball down their throats to limit the Bear raid offense. The defense gets after David Webb to force a few turnovers and seal the win. Utah 42 Cal 34

Dunn- Let's face it, Cal is going to burn Utah with some big plays; however, Utah will do enough in all three phases to eek out a road victory. Utah 35 Cal 31

Durant- Utah has the size and talent in the secondary to match up with Cal receivers, offense gets going early and often against a defense that can't stop the run or pass. Utah 38 Cal 24

Gorringe- With Cal, you have to beware of their run game, which will creep up on you. If Utah can pressure Webb he'll make mistakes, and the Utes will need a big game from their LB's. I think they get it.  Utah 37 Cal 28

Sorenson- Cal will get their yards, but the Ute defense will do just enough to slow down the Bears and come home with the win. In the meantime, the Ute offense rolls with a big game on the ground. Utah 45 Cal 35

Swinney- This one could go either way, and I think it turns into a bit of a shoot-out as Utah's defense is missing some key pieces. The offense gets the job done on the ground and keeps them in the game before Andy Phillips hits one at the gun to win it. Utah 41 Cal 38

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