Rich Kolbell

Picking each of the Pac 12 games and some national games

Another big week of Pac 12 games as we make our picks

Last Week

Bartle- 6-4

Bodkin- N/A

Borg- 5-5

Davidson- 5-5

Dunn- 3-7

Durrant- 3-7

Gorringe- 8-2

Sorensen- 5-5

Swinney- 7-3

Season To Date

Bartle- 31-14

Bodkin- 26-9

Borg- 29-16

Davidson- 33-12

Dunn- 25-20

Durrant- 29-16

Gorringe- 34-11

Sorensen- 29-16

Swinney- 35-10

UCLA at Arizona State

Bartle- UCLA

Bodkin- UCLA

Borg- UCLA

Davidson- UCLA

Dunn- UCLA

Durrant- UCLA

Gorringe- UCLA

Sorensen- UCLA

Swinney- UCLA

Colorado at USC

Bartle- USC

Bodkin- USC

Borg- USC

Davidson- USC

Dunn- Colorado

Durrant- USC

Gorringe- USC

Sorensen- USC

Swinney- USC

Washington at Oregon

Bartle- Washington

Bodkin- Washington

Borg- Washington

Davidson- Washington

Dunn- Washington

Durrant- Washington

Gorringe- Washington

Sorensen- Washington

Swinney- Oregon

Washington State at Stanford

Bartle- Stanford

Bodkin- Stanford

Borg- Stanford

Davidson- Stanford

Dunn- Stanford

Durrant- Stanford

Gorringe- Stanford

Sorensen- Stanford

Swinney- Stanford

Cal at Oregon State

Bartle- Cal

Bodkin- Cal

Borg- Cal

Davidson- Cal

Dunn- Cal

Durrant- Cal

Gorringe- Cal

Sorenson- Cal

Swinney- Cal

Alabama at Arkansas

Bartle- Alabama

Bodkin- Alabama

Borg- Alabama

Davidson- Alabama

Dunn- Alabama

Durrant- Alabama

Gorringe- Alabama

Sorensen- Alabama

Swinney- Arkansas

Virginia Tech at North Carolina

Bartle- North Carolina

Bodkin- North Carolina

Borg- North Carolina

Davidson- North Carolina

Dunn- Virginia Tech

Durrant- North Carolina

Gorringe- North Carolina

Sorensen- North Carolina

Swinney- North Carolina

Tennessee at Texas A&M

Bartle- Texas A&M

Bodkin- Tennessee

Borg- Tennessee 

Davidson- Texas A&M

Dunn- Texas A&M

Durrant- Texas A&M

Gorringe- Tennessee 

Sorensen- Texas A&M

Swinney- Texas A&M

Florida State at Miami

Bartle- Florida State

Bodkin- Miami

Borg- Miami

Davidson- Miami

Dunn- Florida State

Durrant- Miami

Gorringe- Florida State

Sorensen- Miami

Swinney- Florida State

Texas vs Oklahoma

Bartle- Oklahoma

Bodkin- Oklahoma

Borg- Oklahoma

Davidson- Oklahoma

Dunn- Texas

Durrant- Oklahoma

Gorringe- Oklahoma

Sorensen- Oklahoma

Swinney- Oklahoma

Utah vs Arizona

Bartle-  Luckily the only team more beat up than the Utes right now is the team they face Saturday night. I think Utah establishes the run, and are able to create some big plays in the passing game off that. Utah 27 Arizona 16

Bodkin- The Utes turn a disappointing loss into extra motivation to beat RichRod and get that monkey off their back. Utah 34 Arizona 14

Borg- The battle of the less injured. Both teams are decimated, but the fact that Utah still has their starting QB while Arizona is on their fourth will be the difference. It will be an ugly game, Utah's defense will be the strongest unit on the field. The Utes win behind a 100+ game on the ground from Shyne and 75+ from Moss. Utah 34 Arizona 24

Davidson- Utah will struggle early against Arizona's zone read offense, but will start to put it together in the second quarter. Utah will be a bit more aggressive on offense, resulting in the win at home. Utah 31 Arizona 20

Dunn- No sugar-coating this one, Rich Rod has owned Kyle Whittingham in Pac-12 play. I'm going with the 'Cats until coach Whitt proves otherwise. Arizona 28 Utah 20 

Durrant- I think I'll probably be wrong, but until Utah proves it can actually 1) execute in the redzone and 2) slow down a Rich-Rod offense, I have to go with the Wildcats. Arizona 35 Utah 31

Gorringe- Arizona is starting a true freshman QB for the first time, and its at Salt Lake City. Advantage Utah. Both teams are extremely beat up, but Arizona is slightly worse. Advantage Utah. Must win game for Utah if they want to win the division, and I think they get it.  Utah 28 Arizona 20

Sorensen- In a battle of the Pac-12's two most injury-hobbled teams, Utah returns to its winning ways behind the play of a motivated Troy Williams. Rich Rodriguez has had Kyle Whittingham's number in recent years, but his streak will end in RES this year. Utah

Swinney- The Utes are beat up, but the Wildcats are in worse shape with their injuries. A below average Arizona defense won't do enough to slow a patch-work Utah offense as Troy Williams goes for over 300 yards while the Utes' D does enough to make the Wildcats offense one-dimensional in a comfortable win. Utah 34 Arizona 20

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