Picking each of the Pac 12 games and some national games

Big games around the Pac 12 as it starts taking shape

Last Week



Borg- 5-6

Davidson- 6-5

Dunn- 6-5

Durrant- 5-6

Gorringe- 6-5

Sorensen- 6-5

Swinney- 5-6

Season To Date

Bartle- 38-18

Bodkin- 31-15

Borg- 34-22

Davidson- 39-17

Dunn- 31-25

Durrant- 34-22

Gorringe- 40-16

Sorensen- 35- 21

Swinney- 40-16

UCLA at Washington State

Bartle- UCLA

Bodkin- Washington State

Borg- Washington State

Davidson- Washington State

Dunn- Washington State

Durrant- UCLA

Gorringe- Washington State

Sorensen- Washington State

Swinney- Washington State

USC at Arizona

Bartle- USC

Bodkin- USC

Borg- USC

Davidson- USC

Dunn- USC

Durrant- USC

Gorringe- USC

Sorensen- USC

Swinney- USC

Stanford at Notre Dame

Bartle- Notre Dame

Bodkin- Notre Dame

Borg- Stanford

Davidson- Notre Dame

Dunn- Notre Dame

Durrant- Notre Dame

Gorringe- Stanford

Sorensen- Stanford

Swinney- Stanford

Arizona State at Colorado

Bartle- Colorado

Bodkin- Arizona State

Borg- Colorado

Davidson- Colorado

Dunn- Arizona State

Durrant- Colorado

Gorringe- Colorado

Sorensen- Arizona State

Swinney- Colorado

Alabama at Tennessee

Bartle- Alabama

Bodkin- Alabama

Borg- Alabama

Davidson- Alabama

Dunn- Alabama

Durrant- Alabama

Gorringe- Alabama

Sorensen- Tennessee

Swinney- Alabama

Ole Miss at Arkansas

Bartle- Ole Miss

Bodkin- Arkansas

Borg- Ole Miss

Davidson- Ole Miss

Dunn- Ole Miss

Durrant- Arkansas

Gorringe- Ole Miss

Sorensen- Arkansas

Swinney- Arkansas

Ohio State at Wisconsin

Bartle- Ohio State

Bodkin- Ohio State

Borg- Ohio State

Davidson- Ohio State

Dunn- Ohio State 

Durrant- Ohio State

Gorringe- Ohio State

Sorensen- Ohio State

Swinney- Ohio State

West Virginia at Texas Tech

Bartle- Texas Tech

Bodkin- Texas Tech

Borg- West Virginia

Davidson- Texas Tech

Dunn- Texas Tech

Durrant- West Virginia

Gorringe- Texas Tech

Sorensen- West Virginia

Swinney- Texas Tech

Utah at OSU

Bartle- I think Utah is far & away the better overall team. Unfortunately, mother nature will be a factor and could(will) negate Utah's newfound strength in the throwgame. Wishnowski wins field position for Utes & OL asserts their dominance in the 2nd half, Utes win. Utah 20 Oregon State 9

Bodkin- Utah- the weather is going to be awful and I expect the game to be awful too, but Utah even though they are beat up has the talent to get it done. Utah 13 Oregon State 3

Borg- The 80 mph wind makes this into a ground game. Utah wins the game with dominant play in the trenches. Joe Williams breaks a long TD run down the sideline and Troy runs one in from the redzone. Philips is 1-3 from field goals and the one he makes is a 30 yarder. Utah is experienced at winning ugly. Utah 17 Oregon State 10

Davidson- The rain and the wind will make for an ugly game in Corvallis. It will be a battle won on the ground with the Utah defense and special teams having the upper hand. Utah 20 Oregon State 10

Dunn- his feels a lot like the Cal game a few weeks back. Utah has the better overall team, but playing on the road will cause some issues for the injured and still-jelling offense. Ultimately, the Utes makes a few more plays than they did in Berkeley and prevail. Utah 29 Oregon State 28

Durrant- Weather is going to significantly impact this game, keeping offense and points low as both teams will struggle passing and kicking the ball. Utah is far better at the line-of-scrimmage on both side. Utah 14 Oregon State 0

Gorringe- This game is gonna be ugly. Really ugly. Despite the injuries, Utah is still the much better team and should be able to grind out a victory on the road. Utah 23 Oregon State 10

Sorensen- The Utes make winning ugly a habit, beat Beavers. Utah 23 Oregon State 16

Swinney- The weather will be as a factor, as will Utah's unknown running back situation, but the defense will get a score and the Utes will do enough on offense to get the win. Utah 27 Oregon State 17

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