Picking each of the Pac 12 games and some national games

Week 8 has some tasty Pac 12 matchups

Last Week

Bartle- 6-3

Bodkin- 6-3

Borg- 9-0

Davidson- 6-3

Dunn- 5-4

Durrant- 7-2

Gorringe- 7-2

Sorensen- 7-2

Swinney- 8-1

Season To Date

Bartle- 44-21

Bodkin- 37-18

Borg- 43-22

Davidson- 45- 20

Dunn- 36-29

Durrant- 41-24

Gorringe- 47-18

Sorensen- 42-23

Swinney- 48-17

Oregon at Cal

Bartle- Cal

Bodkin- Cal

Borg- Cal

Davidson- Cal

Durrant- Cal

Gorringe- Cal

Sorensen- Cal

Swinney- Cal

Colorado at Stanford

Bartle- Stanford

Bodkin- Stanford

Borg- Stanford

Davidson- Colorado

Durrant-  Stanford

Gorringe- Stanford

Sorensen- Stanford

Swinney- Stanford

Oregon State at Washington

Bartle- Washington

Bodkin- Washington

Borg- Washington

Davidson- Washington

Durrant- Washington

Gorringe- Washington

Sorensen- Washington

Swinney- Washington

Washington State at Arizona State

Bartle- Washington State

Bodkin- Washington State

Borg- Washington State

Davidson- Washington State

Durrant- Washington State

Gorringe- Washington State

Sorensen- Washington State

Swinney- Washington State

Ole Miss at LSU

Bartle- LSU

Bodkin- LSU

Borg- LSU

Davidson- LSU

Durrant- LSU

Gorringe- LSU

Sorensen- LSU

Swinney- LSU

Arkansas at Auburn

Bartle- Arkansas

Bodkin- Arkansas

Borg- Arkansas

Davidson- Auburn

Durrant- Auburn

Gorringe- Arkansas

Sorensen- Arkansas

Swinney- Auburn

Texas A&M at Alabama

Bartle- Alabama

Bodkin- Alabama

Borg- Alabama

Durrant- Alabama

Gorringe- Alabama

Sorensen- Alabama

Swinney- Alabama

Utah at UCLA

Bartle- It all depends on the health of Josh Rosen. My prediction is he either plays & struggles, or he just doesn't play. Utah defense forces some turnovers, and the Utah finds just enough on offense to squeak out the win. Utah 17 UCLA 13 

Bodkin- to me this game totally depends on Rosen and if he can/will play. Operating under the assumption he's good to go I think he can take advantage of a very banged up Utah team. If he can't go I think it evens the playing field significantly. UCLA 27 Utah 16

Borg- Utah has been messing with fire the last few weeks with all the injuries. With Marcus Williams out UCLA throws the ball better than usual and Utah doesn’t have the firepower to score enough on the road. UCLA 17 Utah 13

Davidson- My gut says UCLA gets the win, but my mind says Utah limits possession from a broken Rosen by grinding this one out on the ground. Utah 24 UCLA 17

Durrant- Injuries finally catch up to the Utes, as the latest losses on defense are too much to overcome. UCLA 17 Utah 10

Gorringe- The outcome of this game is heavily dependent on injuries for both teams. I'm operating under the assumption that Josh Rosen plays, while Marcus Williams and Sunia Tauteoli do not. Missing Williams and Tauteoli is a big deal, and after last weeks debacle on offense, which maybe I'm reading in to too much, I'm not confident Utah's offense can lead this team to a win against what is the best defense they've faced all year. UCLA 27 Utah 21

Sorensen- Injuries finally catch up with the Utes. UCLA wins a slugfest. UCLA 17 Utah 13

Swinney- Points will be hard to come by this week for both teams as two very good defenses roll it out on Saturday. The Bruins turn it over too much and the Utes force a lot of turnovers. Unfortunately for Utah, their top two big-playmakers in forcing turnovers are likely out in Marcus Williams and Sunia Tauteoli. Josh Rosen is likely to play and that's the difference as the Bruins eek one out over the Utes. UCLA 20 Utah 17

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