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Picking each of the Pac 12 games and some national games

The Pac 12 game of the year takes place in Salt Lake City this week. We make our picks

Last Week

Bartle- 6-2

Bodkin- 5-3

Borg- 5-3

Davidson- 8-0

Durrant- 6-2 

Gorringe- 5-3

Sorensen- 5-3

Swinney- 6-2

Season To Date

Bartle- 50-23

Bodkin- 42-21

Borg- 48-25 

Davidson- 53-20 

Dunn- 36-29

Durrant- 46-27

Gorringe- 52-21

Sorensen- 47-26

Swinney- 54-19

Cal at USC

Bartle- USC

Bodkin- USC

Borg- USC 

Davidson- USC

Dunn- USC

Durrant- USC

Gorringe- USC

Sorensen- USC

Swinney- USC

Arizona State at Oregon

Bartle- Oregon

Bodkin- Arizona State

Borg- Oregon

Davidson- Oregon

Dunn- Oregon

Durrant- Arizona State

Gorringe- Arizona State

Sorensen- Arizona State

Swinney- Oregon

Washington State at Oregon State

Bartle- Washington State

Bodkin- Washington State

Borg- Washington State

Davidson- Washington State

Dunn- Washington State

Durrant- Washington State

Gorringe- Washington State

Sorensen- Washington State

Swinney- Washington State

Stanford at Arizona

Bartle- Stanford

Bodkin- Stanford

Borg- Stanford

Davidson- Stanford

Dunn- Stanford

Durrant- Stanford

Gorringe- Stanford

Sorensen- Stanford

Swinney- Stanford

Clemson at Florida State

Bartle- Florida State

Bodkin- Clemson

Borg- Clemson

Davidson- Clemson

Dunn- Clemson

Durrant- Clemson

Gorringe- Clemson

Sorensen- Clemson

Swinney- Florida State

Auburn at Ole Miss

Bartle- Auburn

Bodkin- Ole Miss

Borg- Auburn

Davidson- Auburn

Dunn- Auburn

Durrant- Auburn

Gorringe- Auburn

Sorensen- Auburn

Swinney- Ole Miss

Nebraska at Wisconsin

Bartle- Wisconsin

Bodkin- Wisconsin

Borg- Wisconsin

Davidson- Wisconsin

Dunn- Wisconsin

Durrant- Wisconsin

Gorringe- Wisconsin

Sorensen- Wisconsin

Swinney- Wisconsin

Florida vs Georgia

Bartle- Florida

Bodkin- Florida

Borg- Florida

Davidson- Florida

Dunn- Florida

Durrant- Florida

Gorringe- Florida

Sorensen- Florida

Swinney- Florida

Baylor at Texas

Bartle- Baylor

Bodkin- Baylor

Borg- Baylor

Davidson- Baylor

Dunn- Baylor

Durrant- Baylor

Gorringe- Baylor

Sorensen- Baylor

Swinney- Baylor

Washington at Utah

Bartle- As badly as I want to say Utah, this is the week all the injuries catch up with Utah. Washington is unbelievably talented at almost every position. I do believe we see Troy Williams unleashed and he keeps Utah in the game but the Utes fall short 35-27

Bodkin-I have gone from thinking absolutely Washington will win to on the fence and now feeling like Utah could pull this one off. Washington is a very good football team, but reviewing their schedule they are a little untested and going to Utah is always tough. The one big issue with Utah is that they are banged up. Can they overcome that? Utah 38-35

Borg- The game will be a grinder. Both teams will exchange blows. In the ned Browning will be able to execute in the fourth quarter against this Utah secondary. Washington 37 Utah 27

Davidson- On paper, Washington is exceptional in almost every statistical category. In position matchups, I can only give the edge to Utah's defensive line over the Washington offensive line. Utah is a bit banged up and has played too many close games. I think this one catches up to them. Washington 34, Utah 24

Dunn- Somehow, some way Utah gets the W. Utah 24 Washington 17

Durrant- Not even going to try to figure this game out, the season has been that crazy. 3 out of 5 coin tosses came up heads for Utah. Utah 20 Cal 17

Gorringe- I really want to pick Utah here, but I just can't ignore the efficiency that Washington is playing at on both sides of the ball. Troy Williams will either be feast or famine against his old squad, and his past past 4 games have been more famine than feast. Utes keep it close for 3 quarters, but the Dawgs pull away late. Washington 35 Utah 24

Sorensen- Washington is on a roll, but the Utes find a way to drag them into an ugly slugfest and come out on top. Utah 23 Washington 21

Swinney- Utah has been playing with too much fire recently. Against an opportunistic Washington defense and an efficient offense, the Huskies come into Rice-Eccles and prove that they are the best in the conference. Washington 31 Utah 20

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