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Picking each of the Pac 12 games and top national games

A weak slate of Pac 12 games as we enter November

Last Week

Bartle- 9-1

Bodkin- 6-4

Borg- 9-1

Davidson- 9-1

Dunn- 8-2

Durrant- 7-3

Gorringe- 8-2

Sorensen- 7-3

Swinney- 7-3

Season To Date

Bartle- 59-24

Bodkin- 48-25

Borg- 57-26

Davidson- 62-21

Dunn- 44-30

Durrant- 53-30

Gorringe- 60-23

Sorensen- 53-30

Swinney- 61-22

UCLA at Colorado

Bartle- UCLA

Borg- UCLA

Davidson- Colorado

Durrant- UCLA

Gorringe- UCLA

Sorensen- UCLA

Swinney- UCLA

Washington at Cal

Bartle- Washington

Borg- Washington

Davidson- Washington

Durrant- Washington

Gorringe- Washington

Sorensen- Washington

Swinney- Washington

Oregon State at Stanford

Bartle- Stanford

Borg- Stanford

Davidson- Stanford

Durrant- Stanford

Gorringe- Stanford

Sorensen- Stanford

Swinney- Stanford

Arizona at Washington State

Bartle- Washington State

Borg- Washington State

Davidson- Washington State

Durrant- Washington State

Gorringe- Washington State

Sorensen- Washington State

Swinney- Washington State

Oregon at USC

Bartle- USC

Borg- USC

Davidson- USC

Durrant- USC

Gorringe- USC

Sorensen- USC

Swinney- USC

Alabama at LSU

Bartle- Alabama

Borg- Alabama

Davidson- Alabama

Durrant- Alabama

Gorringe- Alabama

Sorensen- Alabama

Swinney- Alabama

Florida at Arkansas

Bartle-  Florida

Borg- Florida

Davidson- Florida

Durrant- Florida

Gorringe- Florida

Sorensen- Florida

Swinney- Arkansas

Nebraska at Ohio State

Bartle- Ohio State

Davidson- Ohio State

Durrant- Ohio State

Gorringe- Ohio State

Sorensen- Nebraska

Swinney- Ohio State

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