Corrales talks Utah visit

Texas wideout Beau Corrales visited Utah on the heels of his decommitment from Iowa. Where do the Utes stand?

The last in-season recruiting weekend was a big one for Utah. The Utes hosted a slew of highly coveted recruits, as well as a last minute surprise visitor. That late addition to group was Texas wide receiver Beau Corrales, who visited Salt Lake City following his decommitment from Iowa.

Corrales enjoyed his experience in Salt Lake City, and came away from the visit with a better perspective on the recruiting process. “It was really impressive, I loved it,” said Corrales. “The team, coaches, and fans just welcomed me. I loved the hospitality, they were really great and it was a great environment. I definitely enjoyed it.”

What makes Corrales' visit even more interesting is the fact that communication with Utah didn’t really open up until the week of the trip. “Coach Holliday and I were talking here and there for a while, but he really started talking to me about visiting just that week. He wanted me to come out with Eno (Benjamin),” Corrales said. “I really wanted to visit, but with being committed to Iowa, I wanted to do it the right way and knew I needed to speak with Iowa about opening up my recruitment. So I de-committed from Iowa first, and then scheduled my trip to Utah, and I’m glad I did.” 

One of the big reasons for tripping to Utah was the opportunity to visit with fellow Texan, running back and Army All-American, Eno Benjamin. “We’re actually pretty good friends now. We met from both us committing to Iowa, and having that connection and now we just talk all of the time,” he said.

Not only are Eno and Corrales good friends, but he mentioned there is one other recruit that should sound familiar to Ute fans. “Gavin Holmes is actually how we all really came together. He’s kind of the leader of the group. Having those guys as friends, it’s really special. They’re each very special players and it makes me want to be better,” he said. 

As a wide receiver, Corrales fits exactly what Coach Holliday is looking for at the position: strong hands and a long and athletic body at 6-foot-4-inches and 205 pounds. “I’m gonna go get it. That’s how I best describe myself as a receiver. I’m pretty athletic and big, one that’s hard to bring down, and absolutely no body catches, all hands,” he said.

As you watch his film, it becomes pretty apparent that Corrales is athletic enough to compete at a high level, but it really is his ability to make the difficult catches that could help him to excel. When it comes to the relationship between Corrales and Coach Holliday, he has nothing but good things to say. “I love the way he interacts with the players, and just the vibe I felt with the group in one of their receiver meetings. He’s a pretty energetic guy that always has something to say, but he’s upfront with you, and I appreciate that,” he said. 

Now that Corrales has de-committed from Iowa, he plans on using his official visits and taking his time to consider all the pros and cons of each school before making a final decision. With upcoming visits to schools like North Carolina and Indiana, Utah will have to continue selling Corrales on the prospects of playing in Salt LakeCity, but things do look positive for the Utes. “I’m interested in majoring in visual media or graphic design, which I’ve learned Utah has a really strong program,” he explained. “I’m also really just looking for a school where I can have fun when I’m not playing football, like a place that I enjoy spending time and I see that at Utah.”

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