Tuttle commits to Utah, shuts things down

2018 QB Jack Tuttle gave Utah's recruiting efforts a big boost with a commitment on Friday

The Utah football program has really picked up some steam on the recruiting trail over the last two weeks. After picking up five more 2017 commitments, the Utes added what could already be called the gem of the 2018 class in 4-star quarterback, " Jack Tuttle.

“We called Coach Fred Whittingham and at first I think he was just expecting us just to chat or something and talk about how things were going, but then I told him that I’m ready to commit and he just got really excited and said ‘Did you really just commit right now?’ It was a pretty fun moment, I could tell he was genuinely excited for me, it was pretty cool,” Tuttle explained. “I called Coach Fred Whittingham first, then I talked to Coach Kyle Whittingham right after that, and then Coach Aaron Roderick and they were all pretty ecstatic about it.”

Currently ranked the 15th best signal caller and No. 166 overall in the Scout Top 300 2018 class, Tuttle is a very well built prospect at 6 foot 4 inches and 202 pounds. Tuttle has shown through his Jr. season that he’s an elite level prospect at the position. Showcasing a strong and accurate arm, Tuttle can make all the throws required in a top flight offense. He’s an accurate passer from the pocket, while also being a pretty good athlete, and shows the ability to throw accurately while on the move.  

Holding offers from programs across the country, Tuttle narrowed down his choices to Utah and Wisconsin. Having recently visited both programs, Tuttle had visited Utah during the Washington game and visited Wisconsin a few weeks later. “We’ve been developing relationships with the coaches for a really long time, we had already taken two visits to Utah, and really we just kind of narrowed it down, did our evaluations, and really just thought Utah was the place, and we felt good about it, so I pulled the trigger, and it feels great.”

With his commitment out of the way, Tuttle has some pretty lofty goals for himself and his Mission Hills team. ”Now that I’m committed, I can take my attention off the recruiting, and that feels good. It allows me and my guys to put everything into winning a championship and going undefeated next year. We have a great team next year, I’ll put all my energy and focus into getting better, getting bigger, stronger faster, and just giving everything to my guys next year.” 

With the 2018 signing day over a year away, that’s an awful long time to remain committed to a program, but Tuttle is pretty staunch in his commitment. “Utah is the place for me, plain and simple. Like I said, it just felt right and I trust the coaches and they trust me, we’re all on the same page and it just feels right, I don’t know, I can’t explain it, but it feels awesome. I said when I’m committed, I don’t plan on de-commtting, and this just feels right, I can’t really explain it!” 

For the Utes staff, having the quarterback position so early in a recruiting class is a great opportunity for them to build a strong class, and Tuttle will be sure to help as much as he can. “I’m absolutely going to be vocal recruiting guys to Utah. There are a multiple guys here in San Diego, that I’m really great friends with that also have the opportunity to play at Utah, I’m going to do whatever I can to get the best players to Utah with me, so we can play together, compete, and play for a Pac-12 Championship. It’s a Great Day to be a Ute!”

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