The Utes hiring of Kyle McDonald is a good hire

Analyzing the hiring of new Utah RB coach Kiel McDonald

Another year with offensive coaching staff turnover at Utah, but a new identity looks like it may be taking shape with the hiring of Troy Taylor as the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. So how do you make that change as seamless as possible? Bring in people that know it and understand it. That's where new running backs Kiel McDonald comes in.

There were bigger names out there. Bigger names with stronger recruiting ties, more experience, and better resumes. Names that would have satisfied the fan base and likely provided immediate recruiting dividends at a higher level could possibly been had, but McDonald is the right fit at the right time. 

It's hard to say that Utah football is rebuilding. You only do that when you're struggling. The Utes are somewhere between rebuilding on offense and reloading, but closer to the latter. There's plenty of talent on this roster on offense to improve the overall production. Sometimes that takes more than a year for a new offense to take hold and take off. Kyle Whittingham can't afford to lose the momentum that his program has picked up over the last three seasons. They may take a step back next season with the losses on offense (they may not), but Whittingham is trying to mitigate the potential step back. The better the team knows what they're doing, the better they should be.

Instead of one guy with familiarity with how they want this offense to run, Utah now has two. That may not sound that important, but it is. Twice the teaching power. Twice the understanding. Half the responsibility for Troy Taylor so he can spend the proper time he needs to do the two jobs he was hired for. McDonald can answer questions, explain concepts and make sure that not only the players understand what they're supposed to do, but the other offensive coaches know what they're trying to do.

Kyle McDonald was a bit of a surprising hire in that no one had heard his name. Was he the right long term hire? Maybe. The right short term hire? Probably. The right 2017 hire? Definitely.

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