Spring game is a bit sloppy with a few injuries

Fumbles and walk-ons mostly the story at the spring game

No one was overly impressive at the quarterback spot, but you've got to like that Taylor wanted to throw it today, testing these guys to see what they have in a game-like situation. No one was bad, but no one was good. Cooper Bateman was probably the best, but he did it late against the bottom of the depth chart. He throws the best ball, but how does he read a defense and how to he react in the pocket in a game situation against the 1s? That will determine whether or not he can move up the depth chart. Troy Williams was up and down today and didn't look comfortable. The line didn't give him much time, but we essentially saw the same Williams today as we saw at the end of the season. Drops today from receivers again hurt him. Huntley had a bad pick, but was mostly efficient. His athleticism is the best of the QBs, but he doesn't hang in the pocket as long as he needs to some times to let play develop. Definitely behind Williams in that regard. Again, overall it's hard to judge these guys with the patchwork offensive line in front of them.

Utah mixed things up quite a bit with the backs, using them out of the backfield as receivers quite a bit. Will that be the norm come fall? A lot of Ute fans got to see Devontae Henry-Cole for the first time and he delivered with a stellar performance. Anyone handing Moss the job is crazy. This will be at least a two back battle in the fall (three if Shyne is completely healthy). Speaking of Moss, he ran well until an injury at the end of the first half that looks like a potential broken arm. Not the worst thing, but it's a potential setback. If there's one spot on offense that you can be comfortable with, it's the running backs. They were good today and should be good in fall.

Troy McCormick was target number 1 today with 5 grabs and a touchdown. His hands weren't at their best though, which is the same issue he had on Tuesday. Utah showed a lot of depth, but still looking for that number 1 type of guy. No Singleton today, but he's likely the guy in the fall.

Hard to judge the offensive line considering the number of walk-ons out there today, but it's pretty clear that Utah is going to have a playable depth issue entering fall camp. The injury to Keven Dixon (depending on the severity) could hamper that, and Scott Peck missed the game after his Tuesday injury. It'll be Barton, Uhatafe, likely Falemaka and then questions. If today is any indication, along with the rest of spring, Jim Harding has a lot of work to do.

The defensive line ate up the offensive line today with 6 sacks. Chris Hart had 3 of them and Caleb Repp was a monster as well. Maxs Tupai was effective and Utah didn't do much up the middle in the running game. Same old Utah defensive line, even with top players not participating.

Hard to judge the linebackers with so few guys getting time. Nothing outstanding, but nothing to pick apart.

Secondary was solid, and that was with quite a few of the guys that will contribute in the fall not playing. I'm more and more impressed with Julian Blackmon every time I see him. No big plays given up until late when the scrubs were in.

Wishnowsky is still as good as it gets in the punting game, but Utah's kicking is awful. Missed PATs are unacceptable. Chayden Johnston should help.

Overall, a decent day outside of the fumbles and the two injuries. Lots of work to do, but talent in plenty of areas. Just need it all to come together. We'll see you in August.

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